How do I get PokerStars tournament results?

Tap on the ‘Account’ button to launch the Account panel. Select ‘History’ then ‘Tournament History’….Go to the main lobby and select the following options:

  1. Tools.
  2. History & Stats.
  3. Get Tournament History.

How do I see my PokerStars stats?

To request a report of your statistics, go to the main lobby screen and select:

  1. Tools.
  2. History & Stats.
  3. Get Statistics.

How do I check my online poker results?

Finding your results online You can track your poker results using online sites such as SharkScope or PokerProLabs. To make your poker results available online, you’ll need to opt in. To use PokerProLabs, send $0.03 to “ResultsSites” on PokerStars. The $0.03 will be refunded and then your results will be made public.

How do you see previous tournaments on PokerStars?

Requesting tournament summaries from PokerStars

  1. Open the PokerStars application and log into your account. Then select “Tools” from the main menu on the right-hand side.
  2. On left-hand side, select History & Stats -> Get Tournament History.
  3. Enter how many tournaments you want, and press Submit.

How do you check Tournament info on PokerStars?

Tap on the Menu option at the top of the tournament table you are sitting. Select Tournament Info.

How do you see your hands on PokerStars?

Hand histories are easy to find in the PokerStars client. First, click on “Settings” over on the right side of the main lobby. Then look down the list on the left and click “Playing History.” You will see two items appear, “Hand History” and “Tournament Summaries.”

How do you use HUD on PokerStars?

To manually configure Zoom click Configure -> Site & Import Options from the main menu and select PokerStars (click here if you need help manually configuring PokerStars). Make sure that the option “Enable Zoom HUD” is checked if you are playing at Zoom table and want to use a HUD. Click OK to save your settings.

Does PokerStars allow tracking software?

Yes. PokerStars has a complicated history with HUDs, as a large portion of their players are experienced online poker players who utilize tracking software to their advantage. PokerStars currently does allow some HUDs and maintains a list of ones that are allowed.