How do I get Uniview cameras on my phone?

Access Uniview cameras via the mobile app

  1. To view Uniview cameras’ live video via the mobile app, from the main menu screen tap ‘Viewer’
  2. Tap the calendar icon to search for a particular motion event.

What app does Uniview use?

Now, the power of uniview tec fits in the palm of your hand. The Guard Viewer mobile application (app) is available for iPhone and Android devices from the respective app store or can be downloaded directly from the links below.

What is EZWall?

Uniview’s EZWall Video Wall Client Software enables decoding and screen control of various monitoring components. It supports access of third-party IPC and NVRs, applicable to various supplementary and renovation projects. It also features one-click operation, quickly displaying all channels on the video wall.

How do I add Uniview NVR to cloud?

Check whether the device you want to access is bound to your cloud account:

  1. Open your Web browser, go to and then log in. The device should be.
  2. to add it (see Add a Device), or add it.
  3. on the App (see Add Devices).

How do I access Uniview NVR?

How To View A Uniview NVR Via EZView App

  1. Connect The NVR To Your Network. First, you will need to connect the NVR to your network.
  2. Log Into The NVR and Enable EZCloud. We will be going through this process via the web interface on internet explorer from a local PC.
  3. Download The EZView App.
  4. Add the NVR.

Where is Uniview based?

Coppell, Texas
Uniview Technology is based in Coppell, Texas, a northwest suburb of Dallas, and is a Texas registered company with U.S. based operations.

What does NDAA compliant mean?

the National Defense Authorization Act
NDAA (the National Defense Authorization Act) is a set of federal laws passed every year by the US government to determine what the annual budget is for the US Department of Defense.

How do I download Ezviz app?

How to download EZVIZ APP?

  1. Connect your mobile phone to Wi-Fi or 4G data plan.
  2. Download and install the EZVIZ International app by searching for “EZVIZ” in App Store (iOS version) and Google Play Store (Android version).

What is Star4Live?

Star4Live is a common web browser service which eliminates the need for static IP connection or 3rd party pay-to-view DDNS service. Star4Live uses P2P (Peer to Peer) technology to establish a cloud connection between the network recorder, cameras and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

How do I set up EZWall?

Click Menu > Switch User. Click in the top right corner. Click Menu > Client Configuration to set auto login and stream type. Enable Auto Login to EZWall When selected, the client automatically logs in to the most recent server at the next startup.

How do I set up ezDDNS?

To set up ezDDNS in a DVR or NVR Connect the DVR/NVR to a broad band modem or router, connected to the internet. 2. Assign an IP address to the DVR/NVR within the address range of the router or modem. Go to Network settings in the menu toolbar.