How do I pay my Esso Fleet Card?

At the Pump, simply insert the Esso Fleet Card into the card reader, key-in your Esso Fleet Card PIN, fill-up your fuel tank and press for a fuel receipt. At the Counter, present your Esso Fleet Card, key-in your Esso Fleet Card PIN and obtain a fuel receipt.

What is Esso fleet?

A Fleet Card is a convenient way for company vehicles to pay for fuels as well as for car washes and accessories at their choice of petrol stations. Rather than paying by cash, credit card or cheque, any driver simply presents his Fleet Card instead. Learn more about the Esso Fleet Card and mobile app.

How do I activate my Esso Fleet Card?

Insert and remove your Esso Smiles card as instructed. Then insert or tap your credit card at the payment terminal. Press “NEXT” and insert your credit card. Tap your Speedpass on the contactless reader to activate the pump and wait for the approval message on the pump display.

How do I replace my Esso Extra card?

If you need help replacing your card, please contact our consumer care department at 1-800-567-3776 (Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm EST).

How does a fleet card work?

To be clear, a fleet card is a credit card employees carry with them as they perform driving work. Employees will use their credit cards to pay for gas and other authorized purchases and the employer can monitor and oversee all these purchases in real-time.

How do you top up fuel?

How to fill up a car with petrol (yes, really)

  1. Look for your fuel cap BEFORE YOU GO.
  2. Turn into the petrol station.
  3. Take off your fuel cap.
  4. Choose your fuel.
  5. [OPTIONAL STEP] Put your card in the chip and pin.
  6. Put the nozzle in your fuel hole (is that its name?)
  7. Fill ‘er up.
  8. Take out the nozzle.

How does the Esso card work?

You can put money on the card to ‘pre-pay’ to use it at ESSO stations off base, you can do this at the Shopette or online as well. It can be used at any base gas station in Germany or an ESSO station in Germany as well. You will need to set a PIN for the off-base purchases so it’s important to remember that number.

Where can I use my Esso national fuel card?

In the UK, Esso Cardâ„¢ has been bolstered with BP-Esso cross acceptance that means you can now use your Esso Card fuel card at Esso, BP and Shell service stations across the country.

How do you use a Esso gas card?

To use your Price Privileges card, simply swipe it at the pump at participating Esso and Mobil stations or present it in-store before payment. Your receipt will show your instant fuel savings and the remaining balance on your Price Privileges card.

How do you use the Esso card?

Choose gas pump & fuel, put fuel into your vehicle. Take your green folder with your registration and ESSO card in it, as well as your ID. Make sure you know what pump number your on and go pay inside. When you get your receipt on the bottom it will say how many liters you have remaining for the month.

How many Esso Extra points do you need for gas?

1 Esso Extra point
Swiping your Esso Extra card instead will earn you 1 Esso Extra point for every $1 spent on regular gas….Earning.

Grade of Gas Esso Extra Aeroplan
Highest Grade 3 Point / $1 1 Point / $1