How do I remove blank lines between paragraphs in Word?

To start removing empty lines, open your document with Microsoft Word. Click “Home” in the menu and then select “Replace” on the right of the screen. Then click “Replace All” at the bottom of the window. After you click, all the blank lines will be removed from your document.

How do I get rid of the line between two paragraphs in HTML?

  1. margin : 0 : This will remove space between two paragraphs.
  2. padding : 0 : This will remove space between the border and text of each paragraph.
  3. line-height : 20px : This will decrease spacing between different lines in each paragraph.

How do I remove a line from HTML in Word?

Click Borders tab, click None, click OK. And the selected horizontal line will be deleted at once.

How do you delete the extra blank line between each paragraph including the blank line after the title?

Just click on the ‘Show/Hide ¶’ option in Word’s control bar to view the paragraph tags. The double paragraph tags here indicate a blank line and replacing them with a single tag will remove the blank lines.

How do I remove blank spaces between pages in Word?

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  1. On the Tools menu, click Options. Click the View tab and then click to select or clear the White space between pages check box.
  2. Rest the mouse pointer over the gray area above or below a page and then click when you see the Hide White Space or Show White Space pointer.

How do you make a space between lines in HTML?

To create line breaks in HTML, use the tag. There is no closing tag necessary. In the code above, there will be a line break between “125 N 6th St” and “Brooklyn, NY 11249” that won’t have the outrageous amount of space that appears between two paragraph elements.

What does br /> mean in HTML?

a line break
The HTML element produces a line break in text (carriage-return). It is useful for writing a poem or an address, where the division of lines is significant.

How do I remove a line in HTML?

To remove underline from a link in HTML, use the CSS property text-decoration. Use it with the style attribute. The style attribute specifies an inline style for an element. Use the style attribute with the CSS property text-decoration to remove underline from a link in HTML.

How do I remove a page break line in Word?

Word 2016. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Show/Hide to show all formatting marks including page breaks. Double-click the page break to select it, then press Delete.

How do I get rid of a line break in pages?

How to remove line breaks from a document?

  1. Press Command/Control+F on the keyboard. A small tab will appear in the top-right corner.
  2. After selecting Line break, choose the Select All option.
  3. Now all you have to do is click the delete key from your keyboard and this will remove all line breaks from your document.