How do I start page numbers on page 3 in pages for Mac?

Add page numbers in Pages on Mac

  1. Move the pointer over the top or bottom of the page until you see the three header or footer fields, then click the field you want to use (left, center, or right).
  2. Click Insert Page Number, then choose a numbering style.

How do I get page 1 to start on page 3?

To ensure your pages begin with 1, go to the Insert tab → Page Number. Select Format Page Numbers… → Page numbering → Start at and add 1.

How do I start Page Numbers on page 3 in Word for Mac?

How to have page numbers start on page 3 using MS Word 2011 for…

  1. Step 1: Insert a section break at the end of the title page, and the end of the contents page. Put your cursor at the END of your title page, then click Insert => Break => Section Break (next page)
  2. Step 2: Insert the Page Numbers.

How do I insert Page Numbers starting on page 2?

Insert page numbers

  1. Select Insert > Page Number, and then choose the location and style you want.
  2. If you don’t want a page number to appear on the first page, select Different First Page.
  3. If you want numbering to start with 1 on the second page, go to Page Number > Format Page Numbers, and set Start at to 0.

How do I skip the first page number in pages?

Start Page Numbers Within Document To simply skip numbering on the first page, click the “Insert” tab in the ribbon menu, then click “Header” and “Edit Header.” In the “Header & Footer Tools” menu that appears, click the “Design” tab and check the box next to “Different First Page.”

How do I get numbers on my Mac?

First, on your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive.

  1. In Settings, find and tap Messages.
  2. Make sure your phone number is selected.
  3. If your Apple ID has been used to sign in to your Mac, click yes.
  4. From the Messages menu bar option, open Preferences.

How do I start page numbers on page 3 in Word for Mac?

How do I insert page numbers starting on page 2?