How do you date a vintage Fender guitar?

Fender guitars from 1950 until 1962 will usually have a pencilled neck heel date and possibly a signature or initials from the employee who signed it. The neck heel date stamp on this 1962 Fender Jazzmaster can also help with how to date a Fender guitar.

How thick is a vintage Telecaster?

1.5-inch thick
Fender’s first production guitars were made during the spring of 1950. Named Esquires, they had no truss rod or string retainer on the headstock. The 1.5-inch thick bodies were made from sandwiched pine and there was no router hump in the cutaway. Some were finished in black and had white fibreboard pickguards.

What were the original caps in 70’s Fender Strats?

“High voltage” ceramic disc caps (aka “pancake caps”) from companies like those from Sprague, Centralab, Waldom, Mepco, and Erie were the standard tone caps on all Fender guitars during the ’60s and early ’70s. They look like brown chocolate drops, and many of them have voltage ratings up to 1kV and even higher.

Are Mexican Fenders good?

That being said, Mexican Strats are still excellent sounding guitars. They deliver the same versatile range as the American Strats, with that same snappy tone quality. They just don’t have that extra oomph that makes an American Strat an American Strat.

What year was my Fender made?

Fender then switched to a serial numbering on the neck plate for all models in that year….DATING FENDER GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS.

100000 – 200000 1966 to 1967
200000 1968
200000 – 300000 1969 to 1970
300000 1971 to 1972

How thick is a Stratocaster body?

The standard thickness for a full-sized Strat body is 1.77 inches (45 millimeters). If you purchase a standard Squier Strat, the body is slightly thinner. It measures 1.57 inches (40 millimeters).

What wood is a 52 Telecaster?


Model Fender USA American Vintage `52 Telecaster Maple Neck Butterscotch Blonde
Year 2017
Body Type Solid Body
Body Wood Ash
Finish Type Thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer

What capacitors do Strats use?

Typical Stratocaster pots (tone potentiometer) values are 250K for tone pots and single coils pickups.

How much is a capacitor for a Strat?

The most common value for Strat caps is . 047. I prefer a smaller cap – . 022 – because when you turn down the tone knob, it only really reduces the top end, it leaves most of the mids intact, so it makes what I hear as a warmer, fatter sound.