How do you divide polynomial algebraic expressions?

Rule: For dividing a polynomial by a monomial, divide each term of the polynomial by the monomial. We divide each term of the polynomial by the monomial and then simplify.

What are the two methods in dividing polynomials?

There are two methods in mathematics for dividing polynomials. These are the long division and the synthetic method. As the name suggests, the long division method is the most cumbersome and intimidating process to master. On the other hand, the synthetic method is a “fun” way of dividing polynomials.

Why do we divide polynomials?

Simplifying an expression so that further work can be done with it. For example, division of one polynomial by another can reduce the degree of the result, giving you a simpler expression with which to work. Polynomial division can be useful in your later study of infinite series, a very important subject.

What law of Exponent are you going to used in dividing polynomials?

Quotient of powers rule — Subtract powers when dividing like bases.

How is dividing polynomials like dividing integers?

The process of dividing polynomials is just similar to dividing integers or numbers using the long division method. To divide two polynomials, here are the procedures: Arrange both the divisor and dividend in descending order of their degrees.

How is dividing polynomials like dividing real numbers?

Expert Answer In the division of real number both the dividend and the divisors will be real numbers, where as in the division of polynomials both the dividend and divisors will be polynomials itself.

How do you divide a polynomial by a binomial?

Long Division of a Polynomial by a Binomial

  1. Divide the highest degree term of the polynomial by the highest degree term of the binomial.
  2. Multiply this result by the divisor, and subtract the resulting binomial from the polynomial.