How do you find the index of an element in an array C++?

“find index of element in array c++” Code Answer

  1. vector arr = { 6, 3, 5, 2, 8 };
  2. vector::iterator itr = std::find(arr.
  3. if (itr != end(arr)) {
  4. cout << “Element ” << elem << ” is present at index ” << distance(arr, itr) << ” in the given array”;
  5. }
  6. else {
  7. cout << “Element is not present in the given array”;
  8. }

What is the index of an array in C++?

These elements are numbered from 0 to 4, with 0 being the first while 4 being the last; In C++, the index of the first array element is always zero.

How do you find the index of a string in C++?

string::find() function returns the index of first occurrence of given substring in this string, if there is an occurrence of substring in this string. If the given substring is not present in this string, find() returns -1.

How do you find the elements of a set in C++?

C++ set find() C++ set find() function is used to find an element with the given value val. If it finds the element then it returns an iterator pointing to the element otherwise, it returns an iterator pointing to the end of the set i.e. set::end().

What is element and index in array?

Definition. An array is an indexed collection of data elements of the same type. 1) Indexed means that the array elements are numbered (starting at 0). 2) The restriction of the same type is an important one, because arrays are stored in consecutive memory cells.

What is the index of array?

The index indicates the position of the element within the array (starting from 1) and is either a number or a field containing a number.

What does an array index or element do?

An array is an object that stores many values of the same type. An array element is one value in an array. An array index is an integer indicating a position in an array.

What is the index of the last element in an array?

The Last element is nothing but the element at the index position that is the length of the array minus-1. If the length is 4 then the last element is arr[3].