How do you get badeaux in Suikoden 2?

Badeaux – Suikosource. How to Recruit: Speak to him at the Forest Path to Matilda with any animal party member (Shiro or a squirrel). Note: After recruiting him, you can recruit 2 large monsters.

How many characters are there in Suikoden 2?

The game features a vast array of characters, with over 100 recruitable characters, of which over 40 are usable in combat. Suikoden II takes place years after the events of the original Suikoden and centers on an invasion of the City States of Jowston by the Kingdom of Highland.

How do you get Gilbert in Suikoden 2?

Role in the Game In order to recruit Gilbert, you must damage his unit during the third major battle. Gilbert must also survive this battle. Gilbert is a leader unit with +7 ATK and +8 DEF.

How do you get the flying squirrel in Suikoden 2?

Wild Squirrel The wild squirrels in Suikoden can be found around the Seika area and they drop Holy crystal’s on occasion. While in Suikoden II, they are called “Flyers” and can be found around the South Window, North Window, Radat and Kuskus areas.

How do you get Gantetsu in Suikoden 2?

How to Recruit: Speak with him at South Window after defeating Neclord and defeat him in a pushing contest. Note: Your party must have a combined strength of at least 400.

How do you recruit the stallion in Suikoden 2?

Once your castle is Level 2, challenge him to a race after using Let Go or Run 50 times in battle. Once your castle is Level 2, he will appear in the kitchen area and ask to join. He’s located in a house in Two-River (Kobold side).

Where is Abizboah?

Abizboah is a large Kraken that lived in the Tinto Mines.

Where is celadon urn?

Celadon Urn is an item in the Suikoden series….Suikoden II.

Type Antique (Vase)
Usage Place in Bathhouse
Sell 20,000 potch
Dropped by BonBon, Flyer
Trading Trade Shop (Gregminster)

How many playable characters are in Suikoden?

Characters. Suikoden boasts over 108 allied characters and numerous enemies and neutral characters. Many of the characters in this game also appear in later games in the Suikoden franchise.