How do you get to Vance Creek Bridge?

Park at the Vance Creek Viaduct Trailhead. This is the official trailhead to the bridge, though walking the short . 7 miles in from this direction will have you arrive at the side of the bridge that is extremely intimidating and dangerous should you want to walk across it.

How long is Vance Creek Bridge?

827′Vance Creek Bridge / Total length

Can you walk on Vance Creek Bridge?

You can’t climb the bridge, but you can walk to it. Lots of signs up threatening people who climb, if you somehow manage to get past the razor wire.

Is Vance Creek Bridge still open?

Vance Creek Bridge was retired in the 1960s. High Steel, however, was converted into a vehicle bridge and is now managed by the U.S. Forest Service although Green Diamond controls the road that goes over it. It’s open to the public.

Where is Vance Creek Washington?

Mason CountyVance Creek Bridge / Location

What’s a train trestle?

A trestle (sometimes tressel) is a rigid frame used as a support, historically a tripod used to support a stool or a pair of isosceles triangles joined at their apices by a plank or beam such as the support structure for a trestle table. … Timber trestles were used to get the railroad to its destination.

What’s the tallest bridge in Washington state?

Washington’s Highest Bridges

Rank Name Height (meters / feet)
1 Hoffstadt Creek Bridge 370 feet 113 meters
2 High Steel Bridge South Fork Skokomish River 365 feet 111 meters
3 Vance Creek Bridge 347 feet 106 meters
4 Fred G. Redmon Memorial Bridge Selah Creek Bridge 330 feet 101 meters

What city is Vance Creek Bridge?

Can you drive across high steel bridge?

It was converted into a road in the 50’s or 60’s. This is not really a hike but you can walk across the bridge and check out the excellent dizzying views down into the canyon. There is a trail that descends into the canyon but it is closed because it is too dangerous. It’s about a 15 min drive from 101.

Where is high steel bridge located?

Mason CountyHigh Steel Bridge / Location

What do you call a bridge for trains?

A viaduct is a specific type of bridge that consists of a series of arches, piers or columns supporting a long elevated railway or road.