How do you hit a shot in cricket 07?

  1. SHIFT + DOWN ARROW+S KEY for shot above the bowlers head.
  2. SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW+S key for in leg side.
  3. SHIFT + LEFT ARROW KEY+S for shot in off side.
  4. SHIFT+RIGHT&DOWN ARROW+S keys for shot in off leg side.
  5. SHIFT+ LEFT&DOWN ARROW+S keys for a sixer in off side.
  6. SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW+W for shot in leg side.

Who plays best cover drive in cricket?

‘Best cover drive in world cricket’: Brett Lee on Babar Azam The effortless ease of his stroke play, finding the perfect position to deliver shots of pure vintage, simply oozes class. Australian great Brett Lee has also praised the 27-year-old for his consistency and a classy cover drive.

When can you cover drive in cricket?

The cover drive is an attacking shot that can be played on the front or the back foot, and it is most effective when it is played against deliveries that just outside the line of off stump. This line is often referred to as a 4th, 5th or 6th stump line.

Who is a king of cover drive?

Babar Azam
Babar Azam Beats Virat Kohli in ICC Poll, Crowned ‘Cover Drive King’

Who is the king of cover drive in cricket?

1: Michael Vaughan During that series, he scored three centuries and 633 runs for a struggling side against an all-star Australian attack.

What is the easiest way to take wickets in Cricket 2007?

10 wickets in 10 balls For this trick, you need a fast bowler and you need to put the ball marker near the batsman’s leg. Next, you adjust the speed to maximum and select the swing – inswing for right-handed batsmen and outswing for left-handed batsmen – using ‘S’ or ‘D’. The ball will hit the stumps without fail.

How do I enter cheats in EA Sports 07?

EA SPORTS Cricket 07 Cheats for PC

  1. Full Stamina Bowlers: Enter ASIF on the MAIN MENU by keeping your mouse cursor at the MY CRICKET Option.
  2. Full Stamina Batmen: Enter INZAMAM on the MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at the MY CRICKET option.
  3. Super Speed:
  4. Empire Quitness:
  5. Fly Mode:
  6. Special Deliveries:
  7. Magic Move:

Who is the king of cover drive?

Who is the King of Sixer?

Chris Gayle ‘The Universe Boss’, also the Sixer King is arguably one of the explosive batters the game of cricket has ever witnessed. The southpaw played with the only mindset in all three formats of the game and only believed in destroying the bowling line-ups. In a total of 483 matches, Gayle has smashed 553 sixes.