How do you make a migraine diary?

Notes about each headache should include:

  1. date of headache.
  2. time headache started and ended.
  3. any medications or treatments and their side effects.
  4. any warning signals.
  5. intensity of headache pain on a scale of 1 to 10.
  6. pain location.
  7. food and drink consumed before the pain or symptoms began.

How can I track my headache?

What to Make Note of In Your Headache Tracker Diary

  1. Time: Write down the date and time of day the headache started, and when it ended.
  2. Note warning signs and symptoms: Did you experience vomiting, throbbing, vision problems or anything else during the headache?
  3. Type of head pain: Describe the pain.

Can your head be sore after a migraine?

For those having a severe migraine episode, the shift from headache to postdrome can be difficult to identify. The pain can manifest itself into areas of the body not previously affected: stiffness in the neck and shoulders, tenderness in the scalp and dizziness are common “migraine hangover” symptoms.

What is the best migraine headache app?

Healthline’s picks for best migraine apps

  • Migraine Buddy.
  • Manage My Pain Pro.
  • Headache Log.
  • Blue Light Filter & Night Mode.
  • BetterSleep Relax and Sleep.
  • Health Log.
  • N1 Headache.
  • Bezzy Migraine.

Is there a migraine tracker?

Migraine Buddy Migraine Buddy is a migraine diary and tracking app that data scientists and neurologists designed. The app allows people to record their migraine frequency and duration, pain location and intensity, symptoms including migraine aura, and medications. They can also identify their migraine triggers.

Is dairy a migraine trigger?

Food Intolerances. Although this is not discussed very often, 50% of migraine sufferers avoid specific foods. Inflammatory foods such as gluten and dairy may be a root cause of migraines for some patients.