How do you power on Kim Possible?

Kim Possible (character)

Kim Possible
Significant other Ron Stoppable
Relatives “Nana” Possible (paternal grandmother) “Slim” Possible (paternal uncle) Joss Possible (cousin) Larry (cousin)
Nationality American
Abilities Above average strength, speed, and reflexes Acrobatics and gymnastics 16 styles of Kung fu

Was Kim Possible hand drawn?

It is the second TV film based on the animated television series Kim Possible. This film includes a mix of hand-drawn animation and computer animation. The film premiered April 8, 2005 on Disney Channel and on April 11, 2005 on Toon Disney. It was the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie.

What is Shego’s power?

Shego is endowed with a unique superpower: the ability to generate green, flame-like bolts of glowing energy from her hands. This energy can be used to heat or melt anything she touches, or fired as a directed energy attack ranging from laser precision to a destructive blast.

Is Kim Possible smart?

Intelligence. Kim is a naturally intelligent student who maintains a high GPA despite her adventurous lifestyle by using the time she spent traveling to and from missions to study and always makes sure that she hands assignments as early as possible in case she is called away on a mission.

Does Shego turn good?

However, Electronique was unaware that Shego had become a villain, so while Shego’s brothers were turned evil by the blast, Shego became good. In an effort to escape her evil brothers, Shego ran away and resurfaced as Miss Go, a substitute teacher at Middleton High School.

Who is Shego in love with?

Drakken and Mr. Barkin were the only people Shego had a fake love interest in, to where she was basically not herself. She was in love with Drakken when she was under the control of Dr. Cyrus Bortel’s Moodulator, and later with Barkin while being under the effects of Electronique’s Reverse Polarizer.

What is the 52 episode rule?

Kids WB and Cartoon Network often cancel most of thier shows at the 52 episode number mark, because that’s the ‘perfect’ number for syndication. It basically means that even popular shows rarely last longer than 52 episodes. Originally, the magic number for a series to reach to allow for syndication was 65 episodes.

What is Kim Possible’s catchphrase?

Kim’s catchphrases include “No big”, “So not the drama”, and “What’s the sitch?”, short for “situation”.