How do you pronounce Ad Fontes?


  1. (Classical) IPA: /ad ˈfon.teːs/, [äd̪ ˈfɔn̪t̪eːs̠]
  2. (Ecclesiastical) IPA: /ad ˈfon.tes/, [äd̪ ˈfɔn̪t̪es]

What does Ad Fontes mean in English?

When I arrived at CCU, people asked me, “What’s your vision?” I said, “My vision for CCU can be summed up in two words: “ad fontes.” It’s a Latin expression meaning “back to the sources” or “back to the fountains.” It was actually a motto during the Renaissance and the Reformation.

What is the purpose of ad fontes?

The organization was founded in 2018 by patent attorney Vanessa Otero with the goal of combating political polarization and media bias. Ad Fontes Media uses a panel of analysts across the political spectrum to evaluate articles for the Chart.

Who owns Fontes media Inc?

Ad Fontes Media

Formation 2018
Founder Vanessa Otero
Legal status Active
Products Media Bias Chart

What was the motto of the Renaissance?

One who studied language and rhetoric in the tradition of the great orators of antiquity did so for a moral purpose—to persuade men and women to the good life—for, said Petrarch in a dictum that could stand as the slogan of Renaissance humanism, “it is better to will the good than to know the truth.”

Who was the father of humanism?

Today, people call Petrarch the “father of humanism” and even the “first modern scholar.” Petrarch’s humanism appears in his many poems, letters, essays, and biographies that looked back to ancient pagan Roman times.

Why did the Renaissance start in Italy?

The Renaissance Began in Italy, Because Italy Was the Birthplace of Antiquity. The Renaissance began in Italy, the birthplace of the Roman Empire. Following the fall of the empire in the 4th century, and the subsequent dark ages, the incredible art and ideas of Roman times were temporarily lost.

Is sometimes called the golden age of acapella?

The Renaissance period is sometimes called the golden age of a capella choral music because the music did not need instrumental accompaniment. The texture of the Renaissance music is chiefly polyphonic. Renaissance composers often used word painting, a musical representation of specific poetic images.

What religion was Erasmus?

Catholic Church

Ecclesiastical career
Religion Christianity
Church Catholic Church
Ordained 1492

Who were the first humanists?

Origins. Some of the first Humanists were great collectors of antique manuscripts, including Petrarch, Giovanni Boccaccio, Coluccio Salutati, and Poggio Bracciolini. Of the three, Petrarch was dubbed the “Father of Humanism” because of his devotion to Greek and Roman scrolls.