How do you qualify for RAAM?

Racers interested in qualifying for Solo RAAM have 2 options: Racing the RAD Extreme solo supported, men must finish under 96 hours (16.7 km/h) and women under 104 hours (15.4 km/h); or racing the RAD Challenge solo supported, men must finish under 37 hours (22.7 kh/h) and women under 42 hours (20 km/h).

How much does it cost to do RAAM?

How Much Does It Cost to Compete in RAAM? Besides the entry fee, every racer and team has to provide their own support crew and support vehicles. Depending on the number of crew, the number of vehicles, and how deluxe your race is, the costs starts at $20,000.

How many miles is RAAM?

3000 miles
RAAM is seen as a pinnacle of athletic achievement not only in cycling circles but the greater sporting community as well. Racers must traverse 3000 miles across 12 states and climb over 170,000 vertical feet. Team racers have a maximum of nine days and most finish in about seven and a half days.

Who won RAAM 2021?

Leah Goldstein
Goldstein, 52, beat everyone—including the men—to the finish line in just over 11 days.

What is the RAAM record?

The fastest crossing of the USA by an individual, as set during the Race Across America (RAAM), was achieved by Christoph Strasser (Austria) in 7 days 15 hours 56 minutes cycling from Oceanside, California, to Annapolis, Maryland, from 10 to 18 June 2014.

How long does it take to ride RAAM?

9 to 12 days
Join the club. Racing 3,000 miles and 175,000 feet of elevation in 9 to 12 days can really take its toll.

What is Shermer’s neck?

To sum it up cleanly, Shermer’s Neck is a condition where the neck muscles fail from fatigue and can no longer support the head. It is not a gradual ailment, either: after first feeling the symptoms, the neck will usually give out within two hours.

What’s the record for the race across America?

In 2014, while competing in Race Across America (RAAM), Austrian Christoph Strasser set the men’s record for the fastest time across America by bike, at 7 days, 15 hours, and 56 minutes.

How long does it take to bicycle across the United States?

We would estimate that a bike ride across America that covered 4,000 total miles would take an average rider at least 61 days to complete. Our self-contained bike ride across America took 80 days, and we covered about 4,500 miles total.

How fast can you bike across the US?

Whats the fastest mile on a bike?

Denise Mueller-Korenek rode a custom bike at an average of 183.932 miles per hour — shattering a world record that had stood since 1995.