How do you secure a side gate?

5 ways to secure your side gate

  1. Padlock. Keyed padlock, keyed latches or combination padlocks are an easy and cost effective solution to secure your side gate.
  2. Keyed Levers.
  3. Deadbolts.
  4. Keyless entry.
  5. Other ways to secure your side gate.
  6. Amalgamated Locksmiths.

Should I lock my side gate?

If You Have A Gate To Your Backyard — Keep It Locked If a burglar thinks your home will take too long to get into then they will most likely try to find an easier target altogether. Always try to keep your backyard gate locked when you aren’t using it as to not become an easier target.

Should I lock my fence gate?

The backyard is more of an entry point for burglars than the front door, as in most cases it provides protection for passerbys. So, locking your fence is your first line of defense in keeping your house and yard safe.

How can I make my back gate more secure?

How to Secure Wooden Back and Side Gates

  1. No Climbing. Wherever possible, have your gate fitted so that the timber cross members are on the inside.
  2. Eliminate Step-ups. Never store anything near your gates that could aid a step-up and over.
  3. Choose Locks Wisely.
  4. Undertake Regular Maintenance.

How do I secure my back gate?

Place hinges to the inside of the gate if possible. If you are using drop on, two part hinges on metal gates, reverse one hinge so that the gate cannot be lifted off. On wooden gates, fit a good quality security hasp and staples one third up the gate and secure with good quality padlocks.

Can you lock a fence gate?

We recommend locking any vinyl fence gate latch with a closed shackle padlock or a discus shackle padlock. These locks are designed to protect the shackle on the padlock so they cannot be cut. Make sure they are lockable with a key.