How fast do pohutukawa trees grow?

around 30cm per year
In a very fertile environment with good moisture and plenty of room, young pohutukawa grow very quickly (at around 30cm per year in height and 5-10cm in diameter), often having quite a bushy form due to multi stems and vigorous lower stem growth, whereas older trees gain around 10cm in height a year and 2mm in diameter …

Where can you find pohutukawa tree?

North Island
New Zealand’s Christmas tree Mainland pōhutukawa (M. excelsa) occurs naturally in the upper half of the North Island (north of New Plymouth and Gisborne) although it grows from one end of the country to the other. It is easily distinguished from rātā by the hairs on the underside of the leaves.

How long do pohutukawa trees live?

Pōhutukawa can live for hundreds of years in their natural coastal environment. While it is common to see 100-year-old trees growing in home gardens, both pōhutukawa and northern rātā can probably live up to 1000 years.

Is the pohutukawa tree endangered?

Despite its importance as a cultural symbol, Pohutukawa populations have declined dramatically – 25 years ago it was thought that up to 90% of coastal Pohutukawa stands had disappeared. The primary threat to this species is invasive non-native possums.

Are pohutukawa trees only in NZ?

The Pohutukawa is an absolutely stunning tree that grows only in New Zealand. Here are 6 facts about this tree that is called the NZ Christmas Tree. Pohutukawa are so cool when they are blooming.

Can you grow pohutukawa in Christchurch?

The cold Christchurch winters will impact the success of growing a Pohutukawa tree as they are a northern North Island coastal plant. But if you are determined to grow one, you will need to protect it from frost for at least the first 3-5 years of the tree’s life, until it grows above the frost line.

Are pohutukawa trees endemic to NZ?

These three endemic trees are common and can be difficult to tell apart. All three of these endemic trees have beautiful clusters of red flowers that are produced in the summer. The pohutukawa tends to flower around December and has the nickname of New Zealand’s Christmas tree.

How long do pohutukawa trees flower?

“They start about mid-November and have stopped flowering by Christmas and New Year.” Legend has it that if the pohutukawa flowers early it will be a long hot summer.

How big does a dwarf pohutukawa grow?

Pohutukawa can grow to 20m high with a 35m crown. In the natural coastal environment you see trees that are literally hundreds of years old.

Can you buy pohutukawa in Australia?

Mysteriously, the pōhutukawa and its myrtle cousins are no longer found in Australia. They exist all over the South Pacific, from Hawaii, to Papua New Guinea, to the Bonin Islands near Japan, to a number of sub-Antarctic islands.

Can you grow pohutukawa in the UK?

The best places to see them growing in the UK are at Tresco, in the Scilly isles, which gives you an idea how tender they are. Only for the warmest, sunniest, most sheltered sites on the mainland.

Why do pohutukawa have aerial roots?

The canopy moulds to the wind and tolerates salt spray, and aerial roots descend from the trunks to provide further anchorage”. Wardle has also studied frost damage and found that pohutukawa cannot tolerate temperatures below zero.