How good is coffee break French?

4.0 out of 5 stars A casual, fun way to learn. I’ve really enjoyed the audio for Coffee Break French, and planned on committing to their entire program, but the price of their Kindle downloads (the written portion for their lessons) will become too expensive.

Can you learn French with Coffee Break French?

In Season 2 you’ll build your understanding of French, moving on from a beginner’s level to an intermediate level. You’ll learn about how the language works and to “say what you want to say”, manipulating the language in a variety of tenses.

Is Coffee Break French on Spotify?

Coffee Break French | Podcast on Spotify.

Is coffee break language free?

Coffee Break Languages offers its podcast-style lessons in seven languages. An impressive amount of content is available for free anywhere you listen to podcasts, and premium materials offer extra practice and written notes.

Is Coffee Break podcast good?

If we were looking at just the podcast, we’d give Coffee Break Spanish a solid four out of five stars. The explanations are concise and the pronunciations are clear, even if the instructor isn’t a native speaker. The amount of ground the podcast covers makes it great for learners of all skill levels.

Who is Mark from coffee break?

Mark Pentleton
Radio Lingua was founded in 2006 by Mark Pentleton, a former teacher of French and Spanish. Its first podcast, Coffee Break Spanish, was released on 18 October 2006. As of February 2017, the company had produced 36 podcasts teaching 27 different languages.

Is there a coffee break Italian Season 3?

We’re delighted to announce that, starting today, the 21st October 2021, Coffee Break Italian Season 3 is available. In this series you’ll take your Italian to the next level, accompanied by your friendly teachers and hosts, Francesca and Mark.

Is coffee break German premium worth it?

Definitely I believe the premium Coffee Break German is worth it, especially because the spelling and pronunciation in German are often quite different from English, so it helps to see how the words are actually spelled. The lesson notes and video versions of the podcasts are very helpful and well designed.

Is Spanish coffee break worth it?

Our Verdict. The free version of Coffee Break Spanish offers a great podcast for learning Spanish. Its premium content, however, is on the expensive side, and might not be worth the upgrade for most learners.

Who hosts Coffee Break Spanish?

host Mark Pentleton
Coffee Break Spanish host Mark Pentleton was in Hamburg to collect the award.

What is coffee break academy?

The Coffee Break Academy will be a one-stop shop for all our premium content and we believe it will offer learners an easy and smooth process from purchase to language mastery! Just a quick word about our current Masterclass members who have been using the Academy to access this system.