How is Illidan alive in Legion?

Illidan was chased down on the shattered world until he was captured by Maiev and the Watchers, and imprisoned once again. But he was saved by Kael’thas Sunstrider and Vashj.

Who imprisoned Illidan?

For his actions, Illidan would be imprisoned beneath the Barrow Dens of Hyjal. The Night Elves set the former priestess Maiev Shadowsong to watch over Illidan for eternity. Eternity, however, would eventually come to an end. After 10,000 years, the Legion returned to Azeroth in force.

Who killed Arthas?

Tirion Fordring
In World of Warcraft, Arthas is a raid boss and the primary antagonist of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. He was mortally wounded after a band of adventurers led by Tirion Fordring stormed his fortress, Icecrown Citadel, and defeated him in battle.

Why is Arthas evil?

Arthas had all the qualities ready for him to turn evil in the first place. He was insecure, too eager to prove himself, too demanding of others’s recognition. It’s the recipe for disaster. If you wanna pinpoint the moment he really turned evil then it would be when he vowed to chase Mal’Ganis to the end of the earth.

What ruined World of Warcraft?

Magnus Frostwake – Vendor of several blacksmithing recipes,and 2 alchemy recipes.

  • Magistrate Marduke – A quest giver that starts the Ras Frostwhisper quest chain
  • Artist Renfray
  • Joseph Dirte
  • Sammy
  • Melia
  • Baker Masterson – Vendor of basic foods&drinks.
  • Rory
  • Caer Darrow Horseman
  • Caer Darrow Guardsman
  • What is wrong with World of Warcraft?

    – “Fully remodeled characters and animations” – “Remastered maps and campaigns” – An “upgraded UI and world editor” – “Reforged in 4K resolution”

    Why is Illidan a betrayer?

    Why is Illidan a betrayer? Born a night elf and sorcerer, his pursuit of power led him to commit several horrific acts against his own people, which earned him the nickname « the Betrayer » and to become the first Demon Hunter. Self-proclaimed the Lord of Outland, he also defected to the Burning Legion and became a partial demon himself.

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