How is Jason Schwartzman related to Nicolas Cage?

Though they have different last names, “Rushmore” star Jason Schwartzman and Oscar winner Nicolas Cage and “Lost In Translation” director Sofia Coppola are all first cousins — and the nephews and niece of legendary “The Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola. (Fun fact: Cage’s real last name is actually Coppola.)

Who is Jason Schwartzman’s parents?

Talia Shire
Jack Schwartzman
Jason Schwartzman/Parents

Who is Jason Schwartzman father?

Jack SchwartzmanJason Schwartzman / FatherJack Schwartzman was an American film producer. Wikipedia

Who is Jason Schwartzman related to?

Jason Schwartzman
Parents Jack Schwartzman (father) Talia Shire (mother)
Relatives Robert Schwartzman (brother) John Schwartzman (half-brother) August Coppola (uncle) Francis Ford Coppola (uncle) Anton Coppola (great-uncle) Nicolas Cage (cousin) Sofia Coppola (cousin)
Musical career
Also known as Coconut Records

Are Nicolas Cage and Talia Shire related?

Talia is the sister of director and producer Francis Ford Coppola and academic August Coppola, the aunt of actor Nicolas Cage and director Sofia Coppola, and the niece of composer and conductor Anton Coppola. Her son Matthew Orlando Shire is the child of her first marriage to composer David Shire.

Who is Jason Schwartzman mom?

Talia ShireJason Schwartzman / Mother

Who is Jason Schwartzman wife?

Brady CunninghamJason Schwartzman / Wife (m. 2009)

Who is Yourwetsock father?

father nicolas cage
IndieWire notes … Nicolas Cage. He was brought up jet-setting all over the world, traveling to movie sites with his dad.

How are Nicholas Cage and Francis Ford Coppola related?

Nicolas Cage has revealed he once begged director Francis Ford Coppola to let him be in the Godfather trilogy. The actor, who is Coppola’s nephew, was 25 when 1990 film The Godfather Part III was due to be shot, and told his uncle: “I really think I ought to be in your movie.”

Is Giada related to Nicolas Cage?

Giada De Laurentiis has no relation to Coppola However, while Nicolas Cage has the dubious honor of saying he is part of the Coppola family, the limbs of De Laurentiis’ family tree stretch in a different Italian direction.

Is Talia Shire married?

Jack Schwartzmanm. 1980–1994
David Shirem. 1970–1980
Talia Shire/Spouse

Who is Yourwetsock girlfriend?

The 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto is currently shocking the world by selling her farts in jars, but in September, she was in the news for reportedly getting engaged to YouTuber Nik Stone AKA Your Wet Sock.