How long will Victory motorcycle parts be available?

for 10 years
Polaris will continue to supply parts to support Victory motorcycles for 10 years, and the company “will assist dealers in liquidating existing inventories.”

Is Victory a good motorcycle brand?

Victory motorcycles are considered good because of their tight steering and low center of gravity, which makes riding them smooth and well-balanced compared to other big twin cruisers. Victory motorcycles also offer premier performance and robust reliability, with longevity claims of 300,000+ miles.

Can you still buy new Victory Motorcycles?

After twenty-one years of production, Victory Motorcycles has ceased production. It’s too bad because a Victory bike has the appeal for cruiser aficionados without some of the, shall we say ‘nefarious’, associations of a Harley Davidson.

Is Victory Motorcycles out of business?

On 9 January 2017, parent company Polaris Industries issued a press release announcing that they would immediately begin winding down operations of Victory Motorcycles due to struggles in establishing market share and limited profitability. The brand itself would also be discontinued.

Can you still find parts for Victory motorcycles?

We have one of the largest inventory of Genuine Victory OEM parts and we’re ready to use them on your Victory Vision, Hammer, Kingpin, Jackpot or Ness Signature Series Motorcycles. If you’re working on a rebuild or just a simple oil change; on this site, you’ll be able to find all the Victory parts you need.

Did Victory buy Indian?

Polaris surprised the industry in January when it announced that it would shut its homegrown motorcycle brand, Victory, and focus entirely on Indian, a company it bought in 2011. So far, the move seems like a smart one.

Who Makes Victory motorcycle engines?

Polaris Industries Inc.
Victory Motorcycle History 1997 Victory Motorcycles launches as a division of Polaris Industries Inc. The first V92C model makes its debut. 1998 Full-scale production begins late in the year. 1999 The 92-cubic inch, 1500cc V92C is released as the largest production engine available.

Why did Polaris stop making Victory?

Polaris Industries will exit the Victory Motorcycle brand it started from scratch 18 years ago, citing a mix of competitive pressures and lack of market share. The Medina-based company’s announcement Monday will not affect Polaris’ fast growing Indian Motorcycle brand or other divisions, officials said.

What company owns Indian Motorcycles?

Who owns Indian Motorcycle®? Polaris Industries Inc. purchased Indian Motorcycle Company in April 2011. Polaris Industries, founded in 1954, is a $3 billion power sports company with a history of developing segment leading, high quality products.

How many miles do Victory Motorcycles last?

If properly maintained, a Victory motorcycle will last at least 100,000 miles. But there’s nothing stopping a Victory from lasting all the way up to 200,000 miles. Most Victory motorcycles will only fail because they haven’t been properly maintained by their owners.

Are Victory Motorcycles water cooled?

Victory Motorcycles could be adding a water-cooled performance bike to their line-up with the unveiling of a new bike at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in November 2015. Sister company Indian Motorcycle already has the water-cooled 1133cc Scout, but Victory only has the 106 Freedom air-cooled engine.