How many A&W locations are there?

There are more than 900 A&W restaurants worldwide, with more than 550 in the U.S. All but three domestic locations are franchised. Now in its 101st year, A&W is America’s first franchised restaurant chain.

What states is A&W?

Top States with the most A&W Restaurants locations: California Vs. Wisconsin Vs. Michigan

  • California. Population: 39.51M. 64 Locations (12%)
  • Wisconsin. Population: 5.82M. 48 Locations (9%)
  • Michigan. Population: 9.99M. 41 Locations (8%)

How many A and W restaurants are there in the world?

1,000 A&W Restaurants
There are nearly 1,000 A&W Restaurants worldwide with approximately 600 in the U.S.

Is A&W only in Canada?

In 1972, A&W Food Services was acquired by Unilever Canada Limited. Since that time, A&W has always been owned and operated in Canada independently from A&W operations in the United States.

Is A&W in the United States?

A&W celebrates its 100th anniversary. There are approximately 1,000 restaurants (& counting) in the U.S. and international markets.

How many A&W locations are there in Canada?

A&W (Canada)

Type Private, with publicly traded income fund
Founded 1956 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Headquarters North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Number of locations 971 (2020)
Key people Susan Senecal (CEO & President)

Is There A&W Australia?

The iconic A&W restaurant chain will open a new 2,200 square-foot standalone restaurant, featuring a drive-thru and 75-seat dinning area, located next to the Bank of Montreal on Prince Street in Sydney.

Where was the original A&W restaurant?

Lodi, CAA&W Restaurants / Place founded

Is Boston Pizza a Canadian company?

Today Boston Pizza proudly remains a Canadian company with its hundreds of local franchise owners operating more dining rooms, sports bars and patios than any other single brand in the country, along with take-out and delivery.

What countries have Quiznos?

Expansion into Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, and Indonesia is part of Quiznos’ continued international development plan to open more than 1,000 international stores in more than 40 countries by 2020.”

Is the A&W guy an actor?

Allen Lulu, the funny star of the A&W commercials, has been acting since he was seven years old. As a veteran of over 150 commercials. Allen is most recognized as the “A&W Guy” in Canada in the long running campaign.

Did A&W start in Canada?

In 1956, the first A&W drive-in restaurant in Canada opened on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. Serving a delicious combination of great-tasting burgers, onion rings and frosted mugs of famous A&W Root Beer®—all from the smiling faces of friendly car hops—A&W proved to be an instant hit.