How many albums did 2pm sell?

The group has sold 116,648 copies of its regular album as per Gaon Chart, reaching new heights in their career. A few days ago it was also reported that the group broke its own first-week sales record by selling 79,446 copies of ‘MUST’ according to Hanteo Chart.

How many records has Cassie sold?

As of January 2010, the album had sold 650,000 copies worldwide….Cassie (album)

Released August 8, 2006
Recorded 2005–2006
Studio The Apartment Right Track Recording Integrated Sterling Sound, New York City

How many albums has Super Junior sold?

Simple has sold a cumulative total of 548,164 copies in South Korea, the first to exceed half a million in four years in South Korea, hence making it the highest-selling album of their career….

Super Junior discography
Singles 41
Soundtrack albums 7
Guest singles 2

How many SuperM albums were sold?

SuperM debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 by the end of its first week of release with 168,000 album-equivalent units (of which 164,000 were in album sales), earning the group their record as the first Korean act to hit number one with a debut album.

How many albums did ITZY sell?

around 921 thousand albums
Annual album sales of ITZY 2019-2021 In 2021, South Korean K-pop girl group ITZY sold around 921 thousand albums. ITZY is a five-member girl group under JYP Entertainment which debuted in early 2019.

How many albums has got7 sold?

As such all their sales last year came from older albums. Their most successful year was 2018, with approximately 850 thousand albums sold in that year….Annual GOT7 album sales in South Korea from 2014 to 2021 (in million copies)

Characteristic Number of album sales in million copies

Who is Cassie fine?

This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 5 March 2022. New London, Connecticut, U.S. Casandra Elizabeth Ventura (born August 26, 1986), known professionally as Cassie, is an American singer, songwriter, model, actress and dancer….Filmography.

Year Title Role
2020 Spenser Confidential Elise

Was SuperM successful?

The group debuted on October 4, 2019, with their self-titled EP, which entered the US Billboard 200 at number one, making SuperM the first Asian artist in history to top the chart with a debut release. Their debut single, “Jopping”, was among Billboard’s Critics’ Picks for the “25 Best K-pop Songs” of 2019.