How many Oldsmobile Starfire were made?

The Oldsmobile Starfire is an automobile nameplate used by Oldsmobile, produced in three non-contiguous generations beginning in 1954. The Starfire nameplate made its debut with the 1954–1956 Ninety-Eight series convertibles….

Oldsmobile Starfire
Class Full-size (1961–1966) Subcompact (1975–1980)

What year did the Oldsmobile Starfire come out?

The Oldsmobile Starfire is a subcompact four-passenger automobile introduced in September 1974, and produced for the 1975 through 1980 model years….Oldsmobile Starfire.

1975 Oldsmobile Starfire
Manufacturer Oldsmobile Motor Division
Parent company General Motors Corporation
Production 1974–1980
Model year(s) 1975–1980

How much does a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire?

But the fact remains: There is only one Starfire–the original, made by Oldsmobile.” Oldsmobiles from this era are among the highest-quality cars ever built. In 1962, the base price rose to $4,744 for the convertible, and $4,131 for a hardtop.

How much is a Starfire?

A: The average price of a Oldsmobile Starfire – 1st Gen is $31,067.

How much does a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1961 – 1966
Price : $4,130-$4,740
Weight : 4330 lbs | 1964.055 kg

Did Pontiac make a Starfire?

In 1962, Oldsmobile tried to capture a share of the personal/luxury car market with the top-of-the-88-line Starfire. In 1966, Pontiac went in the same direction and built its own five-passenger, heavily appointed individual model known as the 2+2.

Are Starfire tires all-season?

American-engineered and tested, Starfire tires offer high mileage, safety handling, durability, and all-season traction. For performance enthusiasts looking for premium tires at an affordable price, try Starfire tires.

Where are Starfire tires made?

the USA
Proudly made in the USA with American-engineering at a decent price, it’s one of a handful of value-brands still made in America. Starfire Tires is a sub-brand of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.