How many springs should a tremolo have?

If you don’t want to use the tremolo at all, simply fit all five springs and tighten the claw screws so the tremolo bridge is pulled back hard against the body.

What does adding springs to a tremolo do?

If you add more springs, you increase the spring tension without increasing the string tension, which will pull your bridge further down towards the body. To avoid this, you must counter this by unscrewing the two screws holding the tremolo claw inside the trem cavity a bit, then retune your strings.

How many springs should I have in my Strat?

You need to push on the tremolo arm hard enough to overcome this tension before the tremolo will move and you start to get a change in pitch. 9s, 10s or even 11s should be OK with 2 springs.

How many springs should be in back of Strat?

If you want to “float” your trem, you may back the claw out a bit. But the typical Strat comes with 3 trem springs.

How tight should tremolo springs be?

How Tight Should Tremolo Springs Be? Even if you were to stretch the spring to their max, this would still be OK. What you are trying to do here is balance your bridge. If you tighten your spring mount screws all the way to the body, and you still cannot balance, add more.

How do you set a Strat spring?

To adjust spring tension, simply turn the two screws in the back of the guitar that secure the “claw” plate that holds the loop end of the springs. As you turn the screws in or out, you will need to re-tune the guitar. Go slowly, a turn or so at a time for each screw, re-tuning after each adjustment.

What does tightening the springs on a Strat do?

Some players prefer to tighten the tension springs down so that the bridge sits flat against the body. This allows only downward pitch bends, but some players feel it improves resonance and sustain. It also keeps the guitar in tune if a string breaks.

Do tremolo springs affect string tension?

With a tremolo set in a ‘floating’ position String tension = Spring Tension. Bridge rests in a neutral position. Increase the number of tremolo springs, bridge is pulled back and tuning sharpens.

What do the springs in a Strat do?

The springs balance the bridge or tailpiece of the system so that the guitar can be played normally, and provide tension so that the bridge or tailpiece returns to its balanced resting position after the vibrato system is used to raise or lower the pitch of the strings.

How many springs does PRS tremolo have?

SteveK New Member It has 4 springs installed and the trem is against the body, no room to raise the pitch.

How do I adjust my Strat springs?