How many Walmarts are in the DFW area?

15 Walmart Stores in Dallas, TX.

How many Walmart stores are in Texas?

Number of Walmart stores in the United States as of 2021, by state

Characteristic Number of stores
Texas 602
Florida 385
California 320
North Carolina 216

How many Walmarts are in Houston?

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has 66 stores in the Houston area, including one that opened this month on Wayside near Interstate 45. That includes four Supercenters that opened in the last three years.

Why did the Walmart in Richardson TX close?

Walmart has announced that the retail giant will temporarily close its Richardson store location on Friday. According to Walmart, the 1501 Buckingham Road location will close at 2 p.m. as part of a company-initiated program to allow third party cleaning crews to clean and sanitize the building.

What is the highest grossing Walmart in the US?

In fact, the Doral Walmart has the highest sales of any store in the entire country.

How many HEB are in Texas?

The story of H‑E‑B began in 1905 in a small, family‑owned store in Kerrville in the Texas Hill Country. Today H‑E‑B serves families all over Texas and Mexico with more than 420 stores and over 145,000 Partners (employees).

How many warehouses Does Walmart have in Texas?

19 distribution centers
Walmart operates 19 distribution centers, 593 retail stores and employs more than 171,000 associates in the state of Texas.

Which city in the U.S. has the most Walmarts?

San Antonio
And, San Antonio, Texas’ second-largest city tops all U.S. cities for Walmart locations with 33. Houston, the largest city in Texas, comes in second among U.S. cities with the most Walmarts, 24….Powered by.

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