How much does it cost to gamble at golf sands?

2022 Stay & Play Offers

*April May – September
Monday-Thursday $155 $175
Friday-Sunday $185 $205

Can you walk gamble sands?

Walking only Amazing way to warm up for the Sands Course or Settle any bets!

Are there carts at Gamble sands?

Suggest edits to improve what we show. We booked a Stay and Play package as it was the cheaper option. This option included a power cart (otherwise $25/person).

Who designed gamble sands?

David McLay Kidd
48 on GOLF’s Top 100 Courses You Can Play. Designed by the renowned David McLay Kidd, the Sands course is a true links layout set in the high desert overlooking the Columbia River with sandy soil, traditional fine fescue grasses, firm surfaces, wide fairways and massive greens.

Does Chambers Bay have golf carts?

Personal pull-carts are welcome at Chambers Bay. Riksha pull-carts are also available on-site and are included with your green fees.

What city is Gamble sands in?

Designed by David McLay Kidd, (first US project -Bandon Dunes, OR). Gamble Sands is located just outside Brewster, WA on the banks of t.

How much is a caddy at Chambers Bay Golf Course?

Our caddies average $100+ per bag, per round. We encourage our guests to base the payment on the service provided and ultimately, the amount of any gratuity is determined at the sole discretion of the guest. The average caddie payment should be for a job well done.

Do you need caddy at Chambers Bay?

Chambers Bay is a walking-only course. While the use of a caddie is not required, our experienced caddies can help you get the most out of your round with yardage information, club selection and detailed knowledge of each carefully crafted hole.

Are carts allowed at Chambers Bay?

Golf Carts Outside golf cart use is not permitted at Chambers Bay. To preserve the course, the use of a caddie is mandatory with all golf carts.

Is Chambers Bay a hard course?

In the Amateur, Chambers Bay proved to be hard, both in the firmness of its dry fescue turf (Jones called his fairways, “hardwood floors”) and its difficulties around and on the windswept greens. For the U.S. Open, the firmness and surrounds were more manageable, but the greens were notoriously bumpy.