How much does Joe Hogan make?

Joseph Hogan made $15,522,289 in total compensation as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Align Technology Inc in 2020.

How tall is Joe Hogan?

5 ft 8 in
Joe Hogan (footballer, born 1938)

Personal information
Full name Joseph Hogan
Date of birth 24 February 1938
Place of birth Armadale, Scotland
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Who is the CEO of Align?

Joseph M. Hogan (Jun 2015–)Align Technology / CEO

Who is the ceo of invisalign?

Joe Hogan
Align Technology is a manufacturer of 3D digital scanners and the Invisalign clear aligners used in orthodontics….Align Technology.

Type Public
Area served Worldwide
Key people Joe Hogan (President) & (CEO)
Products Clear aligners, scanners
Revenue US$2.471 Billion (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)

Is Invisalign a public company?

Align Technology, the publicly traded company behind Invisalign, first created clear teeth-aligners in the 1990s as an alternative to metal braces. It sells its aligners via dentists and orthodontists, which has helped it reach over 6 million customers in the last two decades.

How much is Invisalign company worth?

The shift to clear aligners has powered Align Technology (ALGN), the company behind Invisalign, to a record year. Align’s value has nearly tripled, making it the top performer on the S&P 500. It’s worth close to $20 billion.

Is Invisalign better than braces?

Braces are better for people with severe crookedness and most kids and teens. Invisalign and other brands of clear aligners are best for adults who want a nearly invisible and more comfortable straightening method, as long as the teeth aren’t too crooked.

How much is the company Invisalign worth?

What is Invisalign worth?

Invisalign Is Slightly More Expensive Than Braces They can go as high as $6000, for more complicated cases. As you can see, Invisalign has a higher barrier-to-entry. If you are working with a lower budget, and you aren’t worried about aesthetics too much, traditional metal braces might be the better option for you.

Did Invisalign lose their patent?

And last October, Invisalign lost its exclusivity on 40 patents that kept it as the leading clear-aligner brand, opening the door for newcomers such as SmileDirectClub.

Who owns Align Technology?

Align Technology, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth, CEO and President respectively, and has since expanded operations to more than 900 employees. For further information, contact Joanne Cole at 212-995-1415 or Jessica Whitt at 212-584-5000 or visit the company website at