How much is council tax C in Wales?

The Welsh Government sets the Council Tax bands for Wales and the table below shows the current range of values for each band: Band A = under £44,000. Band B = £44,001 to £65,000. Band C = £65,001 to £91,000.

How much council tax do I pay Wales?

Main points. Average band D council tax for Wales for 2021-22 is £1,731. This includes £1,403 for county councils, £290 for police and £39 for community councils. Band D figures for billing authorities, including police and community councils, vary from £1,504 in Pembrokeshire to £2,078 in Blaenau Gwent.

Why is council tax so high in Wales?

Shadow Local Government Minister Mark Isherwood said: “Yet again, families in Wales are set to be stung by the highest council tax rises in the UK because of Labour’s refusal to pass on a council tax freeze.

What are the council tax bands in Wales?

Council Tax bands in Wales (based on 1 April 2003 values)

Band Value at 1 April 2003
A up to £44,000
B £44,001 to £65,000
C £65,001 to £91,000
D £91,001 to £123,000

How is my Council Tax calculated?

Council Tax valuations are based on the value of properties that aren’t used for business purposes. The value is based on the price the property would have sold for on the open market on 1 April 1991 in England and 1 April 2003 in Wales.

How does Council Tax work in Wales?

A Council Tax bill is normally based on 2 adults living in a property, however in some circumstances you could have your bill reduced. You may be eligible to receive a reduction or discount for more than one reason. You may be entitled to pay less Council Tax if: you live in a low-income household.

Which council has the highest council tax?

For the 2021-22 tax year, Rutland, a county in the East Midlands of England, had the highest council tax, with residents paying between £1,429 and £4,287 (US$1,939 and US$5,816) a year, according to government statistics.

Is council tax a the most expensive?

But surprisingly, the four least expensive postcodes for council tax are all in the capital….Areas with the highest council tax.

Rank 1
Local Authority Rutland
Region East Midlands
Band D Council Tax £2,125

Who pays the highest council tax in Wales?

Wrexham has the largest overall band D percentage increase of 6.4%. Rhondda Cynon Taf has the smallest overall band D percentage increase of 3.0%. Dyfed Powys Police have the largest band D increase of 5.8%. North Wales Police have the smallest band D increase of 5.1%.

Has Wales council tax gone up?

The Welsh Government has announced an increase to the limit on council tax premiums for second homes across Wales. The maximum level at which councils can set council tax premiums on second homes and long-term empty properties will be increased to 300% from April 2023.