How old is Doreen Gentzler?

64 years (September 24, 1957)Doreen Gentzler / Age

Where is Pat Collins?

Pat Collins is a general assignment reporter for News4, covering breaking news and feature reports. Collins joined News4 in 1986. Prior to that, he worked for WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., and WLS-TV in Chicago.

Who is leaving NBC4 DC?

NBC Washington’s Wendy Rieger, indelible anchor on NBC4 and former anchor at WTOP, has announced her retirement following over three decades helming D.C. area newscasts. The local outlet shared the news that their “sage anchor” would be writing her next chapter away from the peacock Friday evening.

Who did Wendy Rieger married in 2021?

Wendy Rieger and her husband, Dan Buckley, are looking for a sweet time together as the anchor is set to retire on Friday. Wendy Rieger is an American journalist who is known for her work as an anchor in NBC4. She joined the news channel in the mid-90s.

Is Wendy Rieger retired?

The episode taught Rieger — who just retired after 33 years on Washington station NBC4 — something important about the news, and about herself: Reporters aren’t fact-spewing robots, and viewers don’t expect them to be one. Within limits, there’s a place for personality, even emotion.

Who is Pat Lawson Muse married to?

After 35 years of a successful career in News4 and years of blissful marital life with Maryland State Senator C. Anthony Muse, Pat is living the best time of her life. Following years of strong relationship and bond, the couple is at the best place.

Who was the hypnotist on The Lucy Show?

Pat Collins
(AP) _ Pat Collins, the “hip hypnotist″ who introduced the therapeutic tool to a generation of Hollywood celebrities and television audiences, died Saturday. She was 62. Ms. Collins once hypnotized Lucille Ball on a segment of “The Lucy Show.″ She counted Ball, Robert Wagner, Ed Begley, Sr.