How old is Ed Gordon?

61 years (August 17, 1960)Ed Gordon / Age

How many hours a week do broadcast journalists work?

Most journalists work a full-time, 40-hour per week schedule. However, the schedule of a journalist may vary based on the needs of their assignment. Some journalists may need to work weekends, evenings and overtime to gather the information they need for a story.

Where is Ed Gordon from?

Detroit, MIEd Gordon / Place of birth

What does a radio journalist do?

Broadcast journalists conduct interviews and research, travel to the scenes of news events and write concise reports before broadcasting a story over the airwaves. In your career as a broadcast journalist, you might branch off into a specific medium such as radio, television, cable or the Internet.

Who is Ed Gordon wife?

Leslie HowardEd Gordon / Wife

Who is Ed Gordon daughter?

Taylor GordonEd Gordon / Daughter

Can you make a living as a journalist?

While journalism isn’t known as a particularly lucrative career path, it is still possible to earn a living as a journalist. To do so, you’re going to need the right education, enough work experience to develop a strong portfolio of clips, and the skills expected of an exceptional journalist.

How hard is it to get a job in journalism?

Popularity paired with a decline in the number of journalism jobs has made the industry competitive, even at small local publications. While becoming a journalist may seem like a difficult journey to pursue, it is far from impossible.

Is it hard to get a job in broadcast journalism?

Many aspiring journalists first gain experience by taking high school journalism classes and getting involved in their high school newspapers or news programs. Broadcast journalism is a very competitive field because of the limited number of stations in each market.

Where is Ed Gordon now?

Black Information Network Announces Three New Hirings Including Ed Gordon As Anchor/Correspondent. iHeartMedia’s Black Information Network has announced three new appointments to its team. Former BET News anchor Ed Gordon will join BIN as an anchor and correspondent.

Who are Aaron Gordon’s parents?

Ed Gordon
Shelly Davis
Aaron Gordon/Parents