How old is the average 4chan user?

Now the site is a . org, but other than that, little has changed. If you believe 4chan’s own reporting, the community is still mostly made up of young men interested in Japanese culture. (Though you’re supposed to be at least 18 to join, the mean age is presumed to be closer to 15—Poole’s age when he created it.)

How old are most 4chan users?

A 4chan advertising page says roughly 70% of its users are males, and most have had some college education. It lists 18- to 34-year olds as its demographic. Almost half of its users are in the US, followed by the UK, Canada and Australia. Many express an interest in anime, video games and technology.

What percent of 4chan users are female?

4chan estimates its own userbase at 70 percent male, 30 percent female (4chan, 2020), though how this statistic is arrived at is unclear. Almost all 4chan users are anonymous almost all the time.

How many active users are on 4chan?

27 million active
4chan is one of the largest English language based image boards on the open web. They have over 900k new posts per day and some 27 million active monthly users.

Does 4chan earn?

Moot told the NYT that 4chan doesn’t even make much money. “The site is technically profitable, we do a little more than break even, but no-one is taking a paycheck.” The reason 4chan can’t make any money, of course, is that it is the dark, disgusting underbelly of the Internet.

Who created 4chan?

Christopher Poole4chan / Created by

Is 4chan social media?

Unlike its contemporaries, 4chan presents social media in its most primal form, not dictated by flashy icons or sleek designs. Interaction is placed at the forefront of the medium, with freedom of speech being its defining principle.

What is the gender ratio on Reddit?

Distribution of Reddit users worldwide as of October 2021, by gender

Characteristic Percentage of users
Female 37.2%
Male 62.8%

Can 4chan get you in trouble?

4chan is just a discussion/image board. There is nothing illegal about it… It does attract a lot of horrible people due to its popularity, though, and they might post illegal things.

What is the most active 4chan board?

Within 4chan, /b/ is by far the most popular and active board.

Who created 4 Chan?

How much is 4chan worth?

Even With 8.2 Million Uniques, 4chan Is Only Worth $45,000.