How popular is Alice as a baby name?

According to Social Security Administration data, Alice has been consistently popular, maintaining a spot in the top 100 since 2014. It has yet to break the top 50, but Alice has become increasingly popular over the years. However, it is the 24th most popular name on

Is Alice a popular name 2021?

Vital Statistics Office reported that Alice and Olivers were the most popular baby names on the Island in 2021, as of Dec.

When was the name Alice most popular?

The name was most popular in the US in the Victorian era and at the turn of the 20th century. It has been popularized by Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. It was also popular in the Victorian era due to The Princess Alice, a daughter of Queen Victoria.

Is Alice a classic name?

Alice is a classic literary name that’s both strong and sweet, which got a big bounce via Tina Fey’s choice of the name for her daughter. Alice has experienced a recent surge in popularity along with other girl names starting with A.

What is a good middle name for Alice?


Alice Amelia Alice Jasmine
Alice Brielle Alice Penelope
Alice Esme Alice Quinn
Alice Faye Alice Robyn
Alice Grace Alice Rosie

What is the personality of the name Alice?

Alice is a name that indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly. You are expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring. Charming and cheerful, you are the life of the party for any social event.

What are nicknames for Alice?

Common Nicknames for Alice:

  • Allie.
  • Elsie.
  • Lisa.

Does the name Alice mean truth?

Alice derives from the ancient greek word ‘alethéia’ which means ‘truth’. That’s why Alice means the truthful one. From the Old French name Aalis, a short form of Adelais, itself a short form of the Germanic name Adalheidis (see ADELAIDE). This name became popular in France and England in the 12th century.

What color is the name Alice?

Alice blue is a pale tint of azure that was favored by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, American painter and daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, which sparked a fashion sensation in the United States.

What does Alice mean in Hebrew?

a-li-se. Gender-Neutral Names. Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:7333. Meaning:noble.

Is the name Alice rare?

Alice is most often used as a feminine given name, used primarily in English and French; however, it has proven popular in some other languages….Alice (name)

Language(s) Old French
Meaning Of nobility
Other names
See also Alaïs, Adalheidis, Adalheide, Adelheide, Alicia, Alisha, Alisa, Alissa, Alitha, Alita, Zélie

Popularity. Alice was a Top 20 most popular girl’s name from 1880 up through 1928 (almost 50 straight years). The name remained on the Top 100 list until 1957 at which time Alice began to show signs of aging.

Alice is a classic feminine name of German origin, meaning “noble” and “exalted.” Popularized by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Alice hit the naming charts at the turn of the 20th century and has remained a beloved contender ever since.

Alice is a name that indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly. You are expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring. Charming and cheerful, you are the life of the party for any social event. You fascinate others with your creativity, especially in writing.

Is Alice a cool name?

Is Alice a good name?

What Colour is the name Alice?

Is the name Alice pretty?

It has a gorgeous vintage charm but also sounds sweetly modern and it ages wonderfully. Overall, I think Alice is a lovely name. Very pretty! Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

How common is Alice as a baby name?

Alice gained the most popularity as a baby name in 1906, when it’s usage went up by 114.9%. During this year, 4192 babies were named Alice, which was 1.0173% of the baby girls born in the USA that year. The most the names popularity ever grew to was 1.017%, in this year alone more than 12000 girls were named Alice.

What does Alice mean?

It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Alice is “noble, exalted”. Wondering who else shares this name? Check out these well known people who made this baby name famous.

What are the most popular girls names starting with a?

Girls names starting with ‘A’ Name ‘A-Name’ Rank Overall Rank Total Named Percentage named Arianna 17. 169. 3869 0.107% Alice 18. 181. 3669 0.101% Aubree 19. 201. 3390 0.094% Ashley 20. 236. 3024 0.084%

What famous people are related to Alice in Wonderland?

In other fields, there were First Daughter Alice Roosevelt, painter Alice Neel, food innovator Alice Waters, and literary figure Alice B. Toklas, to name a few. As a British royal, Alice was Queen Victoria’s second daughter, the princess who shocked her Victorian mother by breastfeeding her baby.