Is 2 months enough for JEE Mains preparation?

JEE Main 2022 (phase 1) exam will be conducted from 16th to 21st April. With around 2 months to go for the first phase exam, the candidates must have a solid 2-month preparation strategy as the JEE and board exam dates clash.

How can I prepare for JEE mains in 7 days?

Last Week Tips for JEE Mains 2020 – See How to Execute Preparation in Last 7 Seven Days

  1. Don’t Study Any New Topic.
  2. Revise Important Topics Only.
  3. Analyze Your Mocks Again.
  4. Don’t Study for Long Hours.
  5. Sleep Early and Have Sound Sleep.
  6. Take Regular Breaks.
  7. Arrange Essential Things.
  8. Just Revise Formulas and Theorems.

Will 75 percent criteria be removed?

As per the latest notification, the NTA has removed 75% marks criteria from the minimum eligibility percentage norms. However when it comes to JEE Mains Arch & Planning candidates must score a minimum of 50% marks in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics along with 50% aggregate in the overall examination.

What should I do in last 10 days of JEE mains?

JEE Main 2020 10 day Revision Plan Formulae and Reactions – This is the best time to cram all the important formulae and chemical reactions, as suits the subjects of JEE Main 2020. This will reduce any chance of minor mistakes while attempting the exam on final day.

How can study JEE for 14 hours a day?

Here are a few things you can do to study for long hours with concentration:

  1. Know why you are doing it.
  2. Fix a Place.
  3. Have a Routine.
  4. Meditation & Mindfulness.
  5. Ergonomics.
  6. Food and Fitness.
  7. Short Intermittent breaks.
  8. Do not use the Internet to Entertain Yourself.

Can JEE be cracked in 10 days?

One should study in a manner that looks after their overall development – academic knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and test-taking strategy. Embibe can help you in this and you can crack JEE Advanced in just 10 days. In fact, you can improve your JEE Advanced 2022 score by taking just two tests on Embibe.

Is chemistry removed from JEE 2022?

This year, NTA has removed 75% criteria from the minimum eligibility norms. However, for the JEE Mains Architecture & Planning course, candidates have to score a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and also 50% marks in aggregate of the qualifying examination.

Does board marks matter in JEE Mains 2021?

Class 12 marks have no weightage in the preparation of JEE Main ranks. Students should know that the ranks will be determined based on their score in the entrance exam. However, for admission into IITs, NITs, CFTIs the score that candidates have secured in their class 12 board exam will be taken into account.

Can Jee clear in 10 days?

Can I complete JEE main syllabus in 10 days?

Already your are aware of some basics of class 11 and 12. So just glance over all the topics and remember them correctly in sequence. Try to revise some important topics and numericals in these 10 days rather than doing everything.