Is a Berlina a Commodore?

From 1984, Holden began branding the flagship model as Holden Calais, with the Commodore Berlina introduced in 1984 gaining independent Holden Berlina nomenclature in 1988.

What model is a 2007 Holden?

The Holden Commodore 2007 prices range from $1,800 for the basic trim level Sedan Commodore Lumina to $44,990 for the top of the range Sedan Commodore SS. The Holden Commodore 2007 comes in Sedan, Ute and Wagon….Ute.

Holden Commodore Models SPECS PRICE
SVZ 3.6LRegular Unleaded Petrol 6 speed manual $4,400 – 7,040

Do Holden Commodores have problems?

Other problems with the VE Commodore generally include some electrical problems that are surfacing with age, particularly camshaft-position sensors, a build-up of carbon on the intake valves which can cause rough running and poor economy, oil leaks and leaks from the cooling system.

Are Holden VE Commodores reliable?

Great car for the family. I service it every 6 months, no known issues so far. This car was very well maintained by its previous owner. All I’ve had to do was put new tyres on it and replace brake pads, it’s a very comfortable family car. And so far very reliable.

What’s the difference between Commodore and Berlina?

The only considerable difference between the “Holden Commodore” and “Holden Berlina” is the luxury level, and in the case of the examples illustrated, body style; the Commodore pictured is a station wagon, the Berlina a sedan. However, both body variants are available on either model.

How much is a Holden Berlina?

Interested in a Holden Commodore? You could expect to pay $5,300 – 8,140 based on third party pricing data.

Which Commodores have timing chain Problems?

A problem that has been well documented, especially on early model VE Commodores fitted with the V6 engine, is stretched timing chains. The timing chains fitted to these early vehicles could suffer from chain elongation.

How long do VE Commodore timing chains last?

Timing chains are very common on these engines to fail even at relatively low mileage compared to other timing chain engines which can last well over 200,000 km. The average kilometres that we replace timing chains on these engines are around the 100,000 km mark.

What year is EK Holden?

Holden EK
Production May 1961 – July 1962
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size
Body style 4-door sedan 5-door station wagon 2-door coupé utility 2-door panel van