Is a PGCert a good qualification?

You can typically earn a PGCert after a term (15 weeks) of full-time study and it is worth 60 academic credits. A PGCert is a good option for individuals who want to boost their career by taking a vocational course that opens new doors within their current field.

Can you teach with a PGCert?

It’s a PgCert teaching route for graduates of specialist subjects like maths and biology to become school teachers. You can also study a PgCert in higher education, or in specific fields of education such as a medical education PgCert.

How valuable is a PGCert?

You Don’t Want to Spend Much Money Because your study period is much shorter, PGCerts tend to be much kinder to your wallets, costing on average around £3,000 – £5,000, nearly half the price of a master’s course.

What is the difference between PGCE and PGCEi?

A PGCEi is an online teaching postgraduate qualification that is awarded by a UK university. A PGCE is a Postgraduate Certificate of Education and the ‘i’ means “International”. A PGCEi on its own gives you the ability to teach in some countries, but in the UK you will also need QTS.

Is a PGCert higher than a degree?

More advanced than an undergraduate degree, postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates are qualifications at the same level of study as Masters degrees, but they’re shorter and you don’t have to write a dissertation.

What is a PGCert in education?

‘PGCert’ stands for Postgraduate Certificate. You may also see it abbreviated down to the following forms: PgCert, PG Cert, PGC or PgC. A PGCert is a shorter taught postgraduate award which provides Masters level training in a specific area of medicine or life sciences but takes less time for a student to complete.

Can you use PGCert after your name?

Like a postgraduate diploma, it is standard practice to use ‘PGCert’ as a post-nominal designation after completing the certificate course.

Can you do a PGCert without a degree?

In most cases the entry requirements for PGDips and PGCerts are the same as for the equivalent Masters course. You’ll require at least a 2:1 degree, or in some cases a 2:2, often in a relevant subject. Some professional training courses need a certain level of work experience as well as a degree.

Can I teach in Dubai with PGCEi?

“At primary level, this is not required, so your degree can be in any subject followed by PGCE or a standard BEd. You must also have a minimum of two years teaching experience. “While Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are slightly more strict, Dubai is a bit more relaxed on its requirements.

Can I teach in UAE with PGCEi?

As per the current regulations governing the education industry, teachers in the UAE are highly recommended to hold a PGCEi (level 7) qualification in order to further their careers.

How is PGCert graded?

How are Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas assessed? Academic PGCert and PGDip programmes will be assessed in much the same way as an equivalent Masters degree. You’ll complete coursework essays or other assignments for each module and these will collectively determine your grade.