Is Aachen a good place to live?

Aachen offers an excellent standard of living, good cuisine and a cosmopolitan population, which makes it a popular destination for many expats who wish to take their retirement somewhere slightly different. It is Germany’s most westerly city and borders Belgium and the Netherlands.

Is Aachen worth visiting?

Today, Aachen has become a pleasant mix of historic (often Baroque) grandeur and modern innovation. It has a population of 246,000 and is home to a large and highly regarded university. All in all, a place well worth visiting.

Why is Aachen called Aix-la-Chapelle?

This word became Åxhe in Walloon and Aix in French, and subsequently Aix-la-Chapelle after Charlemagne had his palatine chapel built there in the late 8th century and then made the city his empire’s capital.

Is Aachen Germany safe?

Among German cities, all of which are relatively safe compared to those in some other countries, Aachen has a very low crime rate. And as with almost all European cities, it also has no health warnings for travelers and no vaccination requirements for people coming from other industrialized nations.

What’s it like living in Aachen?

Aachen has a vibrant city life but is surrounded by countryside, and the nearest woods are actually right in the city center. Because of this, the outdoors play a big part in the life of the residents and swimming, boat trips, walking and cycling are all popular pastimes during the summer months.

What state is Aachen Germany in?

North Rhine-WestphaliaAachen / State

How old is Aachen?

About 716 yearsAachen / Age

Who owns Aachen?

Free Imperial City of Aachen

Free Imperial City of Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle Freie Reichsstadt Aachen
• Annexed by France 1801
• to Kingdom of Prussia 1815
Succeeded by Roer (department)
Today part of Germany

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The battle for Narvik was the first time that British, French, Polish and Norwegian forces fought together. And they won. The recapture of Narvik on 28 May 1940 was the first major defeat of the war for Nazi Germany.