Is affiliate marketing legal in Australia?

Australian Consumer Law provides for a general ban on misleading representations in business, and affiliate relationships are captured within that ban. You are expected to openly disclose when you get money for doing something, including receiving a commission or benefit.

How do I become an affiliate market in Australia?

How to get started:

  1. Apply for a Commission Factory affiliate account.
  2. Share your traffic sources with Commission Factory to gain approval.
  3. Start earning commissions for sales you generate.

How do I offer an affiliate program on my website?

How to get started with affiliate marketing

  1. Decide on a platform.
  2. Choose your niche.
  3. Find affiliate programs to join.
  4. Create great content.
  5. Drive traffic to your affiliate site.
  6. Get clicks on your affiliate links.
  7. Convert clicks to sales.

How do I know if an affiliate program is legitimate?

For every legitimate program you come across, you’re also likely to encounter plenty of affiliate marketing scams….Look for things like:

  • Way too many ads.
  • Low quality stock images.
  • Lots of redirects.
  • Way too much copy on the page.
  • Cluttered appearance.
  • Sensational aesthetic.
  • Dollar bills everywhere!

How do I become a jumia affiliate marketer?

Just go to, fill out the online form to apply. Your application will be reviewed and if you are qualified, you will be welcomed to the Jumia Affiliate Program. You can now login to the affiliate program site to start promoting offers.

Is affiliate marketing real or fake?

Is affiliate marketing legit? Despite a controversial reputation among those not really in the know, affiliate marketing is a totally legit way to earn an income. At the end of the day, the majority of the world’s population is internet-connected, and online sales in all categories are constantly increasing.

Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2021?

Affiliate marketing is only worth it if you can match the right product with your audience. While it’s recommended to choose a niche that you’re passionate about, paying attention to the demand for products in that niche is also important.

How much can a beginner make in affiliate marketing?

The average income for an affiliate marketer is $0-$100 per day. The top 10% of affiliate marketers earn over $1,000 per month. That means if you’re in the top 1%, your monthly earnings could be as high as $10k or higher.