Is Cal State Fullerton a party school?

CSU Fullerton (Fullerton, CA) Although there’s a lot to love in big festivals and parties, some students prefer to keep their downtime low-key. That’s where California State University at Fullerton excels, with activities perfect for small groups of friends.

What makes CSU Fullerton unique?

The University Honors Program at California State University, Fullerton offers a select group of students academically challenging courses, enriching co-curricular programs, and research opportunities to create a unique collegiate experience.

Why should I attend CSUF?

Going to CSUF provides you a good education with cheap tuition. You can go to places with your friends without getting bored because there are so many fun things to do. If you take advantage of your resources at CSUF, you will have a successful run!

Is Cal State Fullerton hard?

According to a recent CSB news report, CSUF is one of the hardest west coast colleges to get A’s at, so keep that in mind if you get your first B freshmen year!

Are Titans elephants?

Cal State Fullerton are home of the Titans, yet their mascot is an elephant named “Tuffy.” It was actually the students decision to name themselves the Titans back in 1959.

Is Tuffy the Titan an elephant?

To publicize the event, a circus-like elephant called Tuffy the Titan was used and it began appearing on sweaters and notebook covers around the campus. With no other mascot, the elephant was unofficially adopted.

Is CSUF rural or urban?

The Cal State Fullerton campus itself has an efficient urban layout of facilities developed to serve a predominantly commuting public. The university’s modern buildings were planned so that no student needs more than 10 minutes to go from one class to another. The campus is surrounded with landscaped parking areas.

Should I go to Csulb or CSUF?

Cal State Fullerton has more students with 42,051 students while Cal State Long Beach has 40,069 students….Cal State Fullerton vs Cal State Long Beach.

Cal State Fullerton vs. Cal State Long Beach
45.72 % Acceptance Rates 27.99 %
21.19 % Yield (Enrollment Rates) 23.44 %
1,090 SAT Score 1,130
21 ACT Score 23

What is the Cal State Fullerton logo?

The Cal State Fullerton logo represents the university at the highest level and is essential to our brand identity. It is the most important component of our multitiered visual identity system.

When did Orange State College change its name to Fullerton?

This is the same year that Dr. William B. Langsdorf was appointed as founding president of the school. Classes began with 452 students in September 1959. The name of the school was changed to Orange State College in July 1962. In 1964, its name was changed to California State College at Fullerton.

Does Cal State Fullerton have honor societies?

Several honor societies have been chartered at Cal State Fullerton to recognize students who demonstrate superior scholarship and leadership in specific academic fields.

What are the coordinates of Cal State Fullerton?

/  33.88056°N 117.88528°W  / 33.88056; -117.88528 California State University, Fullerton ( CSUF or Cal State Fullerton) is a public university in Fullerton, California.