Is Drakes Island really an island?

Drake’s Island is a 6.5-acre (2.6-hectare) island lying in Plymouth Sound, the stretch of water south of the city of Plymouth, Devon. The rocks which make up the island are volcanic tuff and lava, together with marine limestone of the Devonian period. For more than 400 years the island was fortified.

What was Drake island used for?

In 1549 the Island was a refuge for Protestants during the Western or Prayer Book uprising and subsequently became a fort when the chapel was demolished and its stone recycled to construct Tudor Artillery Towers in 1550.

How did Wells Maine get its name?

Following the death of the elder Gorges in 1647, the Massachusetts Bay Colony laid claim to Maine. On July 5, 1653, Wells was incorporated, the third town in Maine to do so, and named after Wells, England, a small cathedral city in the county of Somerset.

What county is Wells Maine in?

York CountyWells / County
Wells, Maine, in York County, is 28 miles southwest of Portland, Maine and 70 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts. The area was named Webhannet by the Abenaki Indians, meaning “at the clear stream” (i.e., the Webhannet River). 2. Wells was established in 1641; it was the third town created in Maine.

What was Drakes Island called before?

St Michael’s
The island was initially known as St Michael’s – named after a 12th-century chapel built there. It is only in more recent times that it has been known as Drake’s Island, after the Elizabethan sea captain.

Why is Drakes Island called Drake’s Island?

The six-acre island, which is 600m off the coast of Plymouth and is named after sailor Sir Francis Drake, has planning permission for a luxury hotel and spa.

Who lives on Drakes Island?

Businessman Morgan Phillips has purchased Drake’s Island. The six-acre island, named after sailor Sir Francis Drake, already has planning permission for a luxury hotel and spa.

Is Moody a town in Maine?

Moody Beach is a private beach located in Wells, Maine. About 100 homes adjoin the beach. Moody Beach has a blend of year-round and summer residents, as well as short-term vacationers from around New England and Quebec. It stretches from Ogunquit Beach to Moody Point on Ocean Avenue.

Who was the founder of Wells Maine?

Edmund Littlefield
Edmund Littlefield, the father of Wells, established a permanent home, sawmill and gristmill as early as 1640-41 at the falls of the Webhannet River. Reverend John Wheelwright soon followed and by 1642 was attempting to provide religious freedom here for himself and his followers.

Who lives on Drake’s Island?

Is Drakes Island privately owned?

Drake’s Island is under new ownership and after many years of sitting dormant, it is set to be brought back to life. Plymouth businessman Morgan Phillips purchased the island for an undisclosed amount last year.

Is Moody Beach private?

Moody Beach is a private beach, and though popular for walking and enjoying sun and sand, people aren’t supposed to plant themselves right in front of beachfront homes. Lots of people walk this beautiful beach. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Maine.