Is Foxy dead FNAF?

He is a discontinued animatronic entertainer who resides at his own separate stage in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

How do I stop Foxy coming?

Foxy cannot be countered by the Freddy head, leaving the flashlight as the only source of refuge from Foxy’s attack. To make him return to Parts/Service, you must flash the light at him a few times while he is outside The Office in the hallway.

What happens when you get caught in FNAF?

Conclusion: So the security guard is telling you that if they catch you, you will probably be stuffed into a suit filled with hard metal components and wires, which will likely result in your death due to the pressure of the suit itself and the animatronic parts.

Is Foxy the good guy?

He is most likely good. When he runs to you I think he is trying to say “hello”, but when he gets there, his voice box,(being broken) lets out a scream. Here are my two theories. 1.

Is Foxy trying to help you?

tl;dr: Foxy is probably trying to help out someone who might be a victim like him, but sucks at it. Sure there’s no direct storyline to support it all but his behavior and just how dfferent he is makes me reconsider how he’s not so much a “villain” or “evil”, and just how he’s just an antagonist.

Why did Rockstar Foxy Jumpscare me?

BE WARNED! This opportunity does not come without risk, however, as sometimes clicking the parrot can cause Rockstar Foxy to jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over. The higher his difficulty level, the higher chance a death will occur, though the amount of times his parrot will fly through the office will drop.