Is getAbstract worth it?

It is more expensive than its competitors, but it may be your best choice if: You want to binge read summaries of books on a particular topic. Since the summaries are short, getAbstract makes it easier for you to get the main points from a large collection of books on one topic.

How does getAbstract work?

Every summary includes 1 a rating, 2 a recommendation, 3 top take-aways, 4 a full summary, 5 significant quotes, 6 an author biography and 7 a link to the original source content – all of which can be absorbed in less than ten minutes. The best way to see what a summary looks like is to read one.

What is better than Blinkist?

Best Blinkist Alternatives You Should Try

  • StoryShots.
  • Instaread.
  • Quiddity.
  • 12min.
  • BookRags.
  • getAbstract.
  • ReadingIQ.
  • Snapreads.

How do I get the getAbstract for free?

Eligible students can sign up for free via this link: “We want to provide access to knowledge that will help people grow personally and professionally. The internet makes it easy for people to express their opinion and make themselves heard.

How many books does GetAbstract have?

getAbstract is the largest book summary service with over 20,000 book summaries in audio and written formats in 7 different languages.

Which is better Blinkist or Instaread?

Instaread is a good Blinkist alternative. It has fewer summaries than Blinkist, but they are longer than a typical Blinkist book summary. On comparing the quality of the book summaries, some books are better summarized by Instaread, while some are better summarized by Blinkist.

How many books does getAbstract have?

How do I cancel my getAbstract subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription? If you prefer your subscription not to automatically renew after the subscription period, you can change your renewal settings. Go to “My Subscription” in My Account or email us at

Can you get Blinkist for free?

First, the Blinkist app is free to download and install. But with a free account, you can only read one summary each day: the daily pick. This is a set of randomly chosen blinks, so you can’t control what you’re reading. Full access requires a Premium subscription.

How can I read a Blinkist for free?

Our free Daily Pick is available to everyone for free via our website here: (Please note: the free Daily page on our website will not automatically sync with your account, unless you are already signed in via