Is GSG 16 same as GSG-5?

The GSG-16 is the latest version of American Tactical Inc’s popular GSG-5 . 22LR plinker. It is based off the same internals as a GSG-5 but has a new exterior housing to update the GSG into the GSG-16.

Do they still make GSG-522?

The newly configured GSG . 22LR firearms have been rebranded as the GSG-522 series, and are still available for sale all over the United States. In January of 2016, German Sport Guns & American Tactical discontinued the GSG-522 series of firearms to focus on future products.

Is the GSG 16 a pistol or rifle?


Action Semi Automatic
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Finish Black
Hand Right
Overall Length 34.25in

Will GSG 5 magazines fit GSG 16?

GSG-5/522/16 22LR 22-ROUND SYNTHETIC MAGAZINE The GSG magazine is a standard factory replacement magazine. This magazine is designed to be compatible with GSG 5, GSG-522, and GSG-16 models chambered in the popular .

Is the GSG 16 worth it?

Overall, the GSG-16 is a darn fun gun to shoot. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, has an easy-to-pull 5.5-pound trigger, and all the controls are exactly where they should be. The look is tacti-cool, but make no mistake: this is a serious .

Is the GSG 16 non restricted?

GSG 16 Desert Tan . 22LR 16.25″ Barrel Semi Auto Non-Restricted Tactical Rifle. A fresh new look for serious plinkers who want to maximize their fun with an economical to shoot rimfire rifle. The GSG-16 features a collapsible stock that includes a convenient buttstock storage compartment for an additional magazine.

Who makes the GSG 5?

German Sport Guns GmbH
The GSG-5 is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered for the . 22 Long Rifle cartridge. It is built by German Sport Guns GmbH, an airsoft wholesaler located in Ense-Höingen, Germany….German Sport Guns GSG-5.

Designer Dietmar Emde
Designed 2007
Manufacturer German Sport Guns GmbH
Unit cost €549

Are GSG good guns?

It’s a 1911, one very nicely done by German Sport Guns in (you guessed it) Germany, and imported by American Tactical Imports: the GSG-1911. The GSG-1911 is accurate! It points like a 1911 and hits where you look. To put it mildly, this is a great pistol for anyone seeking a .

Do gsg5 mags fit in gsg16?

This is the GSG 110 round . 22LR rotary drum magazine for the GSG 16, also fits older GSG 522 and GSG 5 rifles.

What magazine does the GSG 16 use?

22 LR GSG-16 and GSG5/522 into a serious tactical rimfire that’s great for drills and gallery shooting….SKU: GERMR110GSG16.

Brand: German Sport Guns (GSG) Magazines
Capacity: 110-Round
Material: Polymer