Is Honda launching a new car in Pakistan?

1. 11th Gen Honda Civic. The new Civic’s first unit has arrived in Pakistan. Honda Atlas has imported a test unit of the Honda Civic 11th generation from Thailand.

What is the price of Honda in Pakistan?

HONDA CAR PRICES IN PAKISTAN 15.2 lac to Rs. 18.2. The vehicle, Honda City is provided in the market in different variants starting from Rs. 20.4 lac and top of the line civic has the cost of Rs.

Is Honda Civic 2022 launched in Pakistan?

The compact sedan segment of Pakistan has just become slightly more exciting as Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) has officially launched the all-new Civic in Pakistan.

What is the price of Honda Civic 2022 in Pakistan?

Honda Civic 2022 Price in Pakistan

Variant Price (PKR)
Civic 1.5L Turbo M-CVT Rs. 5,099,000
Civic Oriel 1.5L Turbo M-CVT Rs. 5,399,000
Civic RS 1.5L Turbo LL-CVT Rs. 6,149,000

What is the price of Honda City 2021 in Pakistan?

Honda City 1.2L MT

Price PKR 2,729,000
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Gear Box 5 Speed
Recommended Tyres 175/65 R15 185/65 R15 195/65 R15 City 2021 Honda City 2021 OE TP Upsize

What is the price of Honda Civic in Pakistan 2020?

Latest Honda Civic 2020 price in Pakistan are range between PKR 3,979,000 to PKR 4,599,000.

What is the price of Honda Civic 2021 in Pakistan?

Honda Civic Turbo 1.5 VTEC CVT

Price PKR 4,564,000
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Gear Box CVT
Recommended Tyres 215/55 R16 Civic 1.8 2016-2021 Civic 1.8 2021 OE TP

How much is Honda Civic 11th generation?

In the Philippines, the new Civic is priced as follows: S Turbo CVT: P1,290,000 (around $25,512) V Turbo CVT: P1,498,000 ($29,626) RS Turbo CVT: P1,690,000 ($33,423)

Which is best car in Pakistan?

Best Selling Cars in Pakistan 2021

  1. Suzuki Alto. The Suzuki Alto has been one of the best selling cars in Pakistan during 2021 with 37,720 units sold in FY20-21.
  2. Toyota Yaris.
  3. Toyota Corolla.
  4. Suzuki Cultus.
  5. Suzuki WagonR.
  6. Honda Civic & Honda City.
  7. Suzuki Ravi.
  8. Suzuki Bolan.

How many airbags does Honda City 2021 have?

The Honda City comes with 4 airbags as passive safety precaution. Apart from this it also have some amazing safety features.