Is IGETC or CSU GE better?

Compared to IGETC, CSU G.E./Breadth is more flexible and offers more choices in many of the areas. Students transferring to most CSUs can double count their Social Science or Humanities and American Institutions if using the pattern. IGETC does not allow this.

Do I qualify for IGETC?

IGETC courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. A grade of credit or pass may be used if the community college’s policy states that it is equivalent to a grade of C or better.

What does it mean if a student is IGETC certified?

The IGETC was developed by the Academic Senates of the CCC, UC, and CSU for use by CCC transfer students. A student may be IGETC certified if they have completed coursework at a California Community College(s) without regard to current enrollment status or the number of units accrued at a CCC.

Where is IGETC accepted?

Colleges that accept IGETC and CSU GE

College or University Accepts IGETC and CSU GE
Brandman University Yes
California Baptist University Yes
California College of the Arts Yes
California Institute of Integral Studies Yes

What happens if you dont complete IGETC?

Once you start IGETC you are required to complete it, preferably before transfer. If it is not completed by the time you transfer to a UC you will have to fulfill the remaining lower division general education courses (or even repeat them).

Can you double dip IGETC?

Yes. Courses used to satisfy the IGETC requirements may be double counted toward preparation for major requirements except for individual campus restrictions.

How many units do you need to graduate from Evergreen Valley college?

A minimum of 39 semester units from the A.A. general education pattern • EVC graduation requirements which include: • U.S. History Constitution and American Ideals • Three (3) units of Cultural Pluralism/Ethnic Studies • One (1) unit Physical Education • Competency in Reading, Writing and Mathematics Residency …

What is the difference between the CSU system and the UC system of schools?

Unlike the UC schools, which focus more on research and academic publishing, CSU focuses more on helping students develop professional, practical skills that will lead them to great jobs right out of college.

What are IGETC courses?

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a series of courses that California community college students can complete to satisfy freshman/sophomore level general education requirements before transferring to most colleges and majors at UC campuses.

Can you complete IGETC in the summer?

You can only complete IGETC at your CCC the summer before your first UC term. After you start the UC, you cannot go back to any CCC to complete it.

Can one course satisfy two requirements?

Yes. A course used to satisfy a distribution requirement can also be counted toward requirements for a major or a minor.

Does UCLA require IGETC?

To be competitive for admission to UCLA, students should focus on completing the general UC transfer requirements and major preparation first. IGETC is only required for School of Nursing and School of Theater, Film and Television. UCLA does not pre-evaluate course transferability prior to submission of an application.