Is inFamous a good game?

IGN awarded Infamous Best Story, and Game of the Year and Best Acting at the 2009 Golden Game Awards. Infamous was also nominated for four other Golden Game Awards, including Best PlayStation 3 Game, Best Graphics, Best Independent Game, and Studio of the Year.

What does the inFamous collection include?

inFamous collection is a 2 disc bundle of inFamous and inFamous 2, as well as an included code to download “Infamous: Festival of Blood” which is a side game based on the inFamous 2 engine that is only available on the Playstation Network and involves Cole becoming a vampire.

Is inFamous done?

Since 2014, the Infamous series has been dormant, with the popular superhero games being left in the past as developer Sucker Punch took on something new.

Is delsin Rowe related to Cole MacGrath?

Delsin Rowe is the central protagonist of Infamous: Second Son and the “successor” to Cole MacGrath.

Is Cole MacGrath mentioned in Second Son?

Trivia. This marks the only appearance of Zeke in Second Son. Oddly Zeke and his voice actor Caleb Moody are mentioned along with the rest of the cast during the credits. During Wolfe’s report, Cole’s name is incorrectly written in subtitles (Macgrath instead of MacGrath).

Which inFamous game should I play first?

Just make sure you play inFamous 1 before playing inFamous 2 and inFamous Festival of Blood and to play inFamous Second Son before playing inFamous First Light to get the best experience out of the games. Whether you play the first three games first or Second Son and First Light first really doesn’t matter.

Is Cole MacGrath alive?

Despite a short tease at the end of inFamous 2 showing Cole getting hit by lightning, Brand Development Director Ken Schramm told Push Square that he won’t be resurrected: He’s dead, man. We’re not into reincarnation, or sci-fi, or anything like that.

What happened inFamous?

inFamous games are made by Sucker Punch. Formerly an independent studio, they have worked exclusively Sony since 2000 and were formally acquired by the company in 2011.

Is infamous OK for kids?

Good for teens A little violence, but no blood.

What age rating is infamous?

Teen rating
The ESRB stamped it with a Teen rating, applying descriptors including “Blood,” “Drug Reference,” “Language,” “Sexual Themes,” and “Violence.” These are all accurate.

Which infamous game should I play first?

Do I need to play infamous before second son?

Nope. This game you can pick up and play without having played the previous two. It’s totally different story and protag and they are not connected to the story and protag of the first two. The only connection is same world, and that they are both people with super powers.