Is Intense a good bike brand?

I currently have (2) Intense bikes, a 2017 Primer and 2018 Tracer, and they are fantastic bikes as far as I’m concerned. For the $ to $ value, nobody other than YT compares. I also have a 2019 Yeti SB5 and it’s great as well.

How much is a intense bikes?

Prices of the complete bikes have dropped considerably with Intense Pro builds, for example, lowering from $6,999 down to $4,999 in the U.S. The twist with the Intense Rider-Direct program is that Intense dealers can still be involved in the sales process.

Is Intense a good mountain bike?

Our review Intense has one of the longest, and most illustrious histories in mountain biking, with its roots deeply embedded in racing – a truly iconic mountain-biking brand. The Primer 29 is its trail bike, with both 29in and 27.5in versions available, both moulded from carbon fibre.

What suspension does intense use?

Intense uses the VPP but modified it to their own criteria vs.

Is the intense primer a good bike?

Transitioning through tight sections of trail came very easy for me while on the Intense Primer Pro. The bike is quite nimble when you need it to be but holds the line rather well at high speeds. It really performed best in tight, steep technical corners. The tighter the better.

When did intense bikes start?

AN INTENSE TIMELINE: A HERITAGE OF RACING Intense was born in the heyday of American mountain bike racing, in the mid- 90’s when the NORBA circuit was a summer-long traveling circus as important and well-attended as World Cups, and when legends were created.

Is the Intense primer a good bike?

Does VPP use Intense?

Intense uses the VPP but modified it to their own criteria vs. Santa Cruz’s interpretation of how axle path but both are VPP. The only other brand that used this patented VPP axle path was Outland who held the original patent that SC bought and shared with Intense.

When was intense cycles founded?

:: INTENSE :: INTENSE, LLC is a leading manufacturer and designer of high-end, full suspension mountain bikes. Founded in Lake Elsinore, CA in 1993 and crafted with over 25-years of racing heritage, INTENSE mountain bikes inspire confidence to ride and a striking design.