Is iPhone 5 better than 4s?

In addition to the display and housing, most notably, the iPhone 5 also is significantly faster than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, has faster 4G/LTE networking support (with the exception of the China only model), and it has better cameras, too.

What is the difference between iPhone 5 and 4?

Key Differences between iPhone 4 & iPhone 5: Apple iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, but the iPhone 4 comes with iOS 4 and can be upgraded to iOS 6. Apple iPhone 5 features an 8 MP camera which can also capture 1080p HD videos, whereas the iPhone 4 features a 5 MP camera which can capture 720p HD videos.

What is the advantage of iPhone 5?

Effectively global 4G/LTE support. Quality camera for a smart phone is capable of shooting 8 megapixel stills and 1080p 30 FPS video. Significantly faster than all earlier iPhone models with improved graphics performance. Battery life is long enough to provide all day use for many.

Which iPhone models are 4G?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are both 4G capable devices.

What are the disadvantages of Iphone?


  • Same icons with same look on home screen even after upgrades.
  • Too simple & doesn’t support computer work as in other OS.
  • No widget support for iOS apps that are also costly.
  • Limited device use as platform runs only on Apple devices.
  • Doesn’t provide NFC and radio is not in-built.

Is the iPhone 4s good in 2021?

The iPhone 4s does an excellent job with simple tasks. It doesn’t glitch, it launches apps quickly, and its camera is no worse than any cheap Xiaomi or Samsung. However, the lack of applications is still a decisive factor. iPhone 4s is not suitable as a temporary replacement for your main smartphone.

Are iPhone 4S and 5s the same size?

Apple iPhone 5S vs Apple iPhone 4S – Build quality If anything it looks even better than the iPhone 4S, but they’re both great looking phones. At 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm it’s longer to account for the bigger screen, but it’s also thinner.