Is it better to stay in a Disney or Universal hotel?

Universal Hotels like-for-like are generally cheaper than staying at Disney. Less travelling – save time and money As of 2020, Disney will be charging guests to park their car at their hotels which makes hiring a car even more expensive. Plus, Universal charge $20 a day for parking at their theme parks.

Are Disney World hotels worth the money?

The on-site resorts and experience of being in the Disney World bubble are more enjoyable even though it is more expensive. For those will a limited budget hoping to visit the parks, but save money, an off-site Disney World stay can be a great choice.

How far in advance should I book a hotel for Disney World?

You can book a room-only Disney world hotel reservation up to 499 days ahead of time.

Do hotels offer shuttle to Disney World?

Sharing is caring! If you are staying onsite at Disney World, one of the perks are the free buses to the parks as well as the option of boat, monorail and Skyliner from some some Disney hotels. However, many off site accommodations offer shuttles to Disney and Universal too.

What is the cheapest deluxe resort at Disney World?

Animal Kingdom Lodge
Wilderness Lodge is our Best Value choice in the Deluxe category. Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge are the two least expensive Deluxe resorts by a considerable margin. Usually the standard lodge rooms are at least $100 per night less than standard rooms at most of the other Deluxe resorts.

What hotels offer shuttles to Disney?

9 Hotels Near Disney World with Free Shuttles

  • Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. Credit:
  • Wyndham Lake Buena Vista. Credit:
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.
  • Royale Parc Suites.
  • Best Western Orlando Gateway.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Lake Buena Vista.
  • Fantasy World Resort.

Is it cheaper to not stay at a Disney resort?

Even if you aren’t necessarily looking for a bargain basement price on a hotel, you’ll typically get more value out of non-Disney hotels. In addition to this, although Disney does many things well, their best hotels simply do not compete with the best real world hotels in terms of luxury.

Can you stay at a Disney resort without going to the parks?

Fortunately, you actually don’t have to go to the parks to have a great time at Disney. Instead, stay at one of the Disney World Resorts. Even at the value resorts, your kids can see their favorite characters or even eat with them during a signature character dining experience.

Is a Disney vacation worth it?

Yes, it’s fun and has that childhood magic but it’s hard to really say that it’s worth $400+ for a family for one day. You definitely need to do your homework and planning if paying that much though. Unlike Universal that you can just wing, you really need that time investment for Disney.