Is Jade Ramsey related to Gordon Ramsey?

Jade Nicole Ramsey (born February 10, 1988) is an English actress. Jade was born in Bournemouth, England. Her dad is an Irish. She has a twin sister named Nikita Ramsey, who also appeared in House of Anubis Season 2 as Piper Williamson….

Jade Ramsey
General Information
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 10, 1988
Age: 33

Are Jade and Nikita Ramsey identical twins?

Nikita also has a younger brother, Guy, who committed suicide on the 24th February 2009 when he was 18. She was born on February 10, 1988 in Bournemouth, England….

Nikita Ramsey
Family: Jade Ramsey (Twin Sister) Guy Ramsey (Brother, deceased) Alison Ramsey (mother)
Series Information
Character: Piper Williamson

Is Patricia from House of Anubis really a twin?

Piper Williamson is Patricia’s twin sister. She is an aspiring musician who attends a music academy. She is introduced in House of Oblivion….

Piper Williamson
Friends: Joy Mercer Mara Jaffray Amber Millington
Relationships: Eddie Miller (kissed) Alfie Lewis (former crush)
Other Information
Interests: Music

Why did Ana Mulvoy leave House of Anubis?

She left House of Anubis in Season 3 because her character went to fashion school. She has 3 adopted sisters. She had braces when she was 11. She said it was worth it in the end.

Why did Nathalia Ramos leave House of Anubis?

Ramos starred in the Nickelodeon television series House of Anubis for two seasons as the lead character, Nina Martin, who travels to England in order to attend a mysterious boarding school. She stated that she would not return to House of Anubis for a third season due to her concentrating on college.

Do Fabian and Nina end up together?

In the season two finale, Fabian said that they were wrong about breaking up and that she was his chosen one. Then, they kissed and got back together.